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California school law.




California school law.

Kemerer, Frank R. et al.

Stanford U. Press, [c]2005

549 p.

$24.95 (pa)

A comprehensive discussion of how law affects the day-to-day operations of California's public, charter, and private schools, written for policy makers, governing board members, school administrators, union leaders, teachers, students and practitioners and education law, and parents. The reference explains the legal framework in which schooling takes place, and examines constitutional, statutory, and judicial law governing attendance and instruction, school accountability, school finance, collective bargaining, employment, free speech, religion, the delivery of services to children with disabilities, student discipline, open meetings and records, privacy and student search and seizure, race and gender discrimination and harassment, and legal liability. The three authors are attorneys who teach and specialize in education law.
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Publication:Reference & Research Book News
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Aug 1, 2005
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