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California midwives seek legislation.

California Midwives Seek Legislation

On March 8, 1991 Senator Lucy Killea of San Diego introduced Senate Bill 1190 (SB1190)--the Licensed Midwifery Practice Act of 1991. The bill provides for the licensure of non-nurse midwives and creates a "Licensed Midwifery Examining Committee," which will adopt rules and regulations for this new category of midwives.

Under this bill, a licensed midwife will be legally entitled to provide services to women during pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. Licensed midwives will be required to consult with a doctor in the event of any significant deviation from normal. They will be eligible for Medi-Cal and other third party reimbursement. They will also be able to admit to and practice in health facilities, such as hospitals and free-standing birth centers.

SB1190 determines the qualifications necessary for licensed midwife candidates, including provisions for reciprocity with other states, education requirements, a written examination and an interim provision (granny clause). Copies of the bill can be obtained from the Legislative Bill Room at (916)445-2323. --From the California Association of Midwives Newsletter, Spring, 1991.
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Date:Jun 22, 1991
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