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California Finest Acquires Rights to Represent Jimi Hendrix-Related Products.


17 October 2016 - US-based marijuana cigarette brand California Finest has acquired exclusive rights from US-based cannabis licensing company Purple Haze Properties to represent Jimi Hendrix-related products in the state of California, the company said.

Purple Haze Properties last year provided an opportunity to producers, cultivators, cannabis license holders and investors to produce Jimi Hendrix-related products with the launch of Jimi's Cannabis Collection.

Jimi's Cannabis Collection is divided into 3 separate divisions for each state and country worldwide.

The first division is Jimi's Genetix, which consists of any products that are cannabis flowers, oils, concentrates and infused cannabis. Second is Jimi's Edibles, which fall under cannabis products that can be consumed like chocolates, candies, drinks, etc.

The third division is Jimi's Meds, which encompasses cannabis products that are scientifically extracted for illness. Jimi's Meds Division works with remedies for various health issues including cancer, PTSD, anxiety, and neuropathy.

Jimi's Meds has licensed its IP to extractors to create pills in 25-100mg doses, nano encapsulated CBD and THC tinctures, inhalers, test strips, throat spray and topical solutions.

In June of 2015, Silver State Trading purchased the exclusive rights to Jimi's Genetix in California, Colorado and Nevada.

Silver State Trading, a few months later, exhibited at the Marijuana Business Convention in Las Vegas.

At that convention, Silver State Trading did a deal with California Finest to launch a line of Pre-Rolled Marijuana Cigarette Packs dedicated to Jimi Hendrix, the greatest guitarist in rock and roll history, which also are available for sale in Nevada.

California Finest and Purple Haze Properties launched the Purple Haze proprietary strain of Jimi's Cannabis Collection in California Finest Pre-Rolls.

The launch was January of this year at the Annual High Times Cannabis Cup in Southern California. Since that Cannabis Cup, Cali's Finest have exhibited and sold packs at four other High Times Cups.

California Finest's success with Jimi's Cannabis Collection Purple Haze Packs prompted CEO Scott McPhail negotiated with Silver State Trading and bought out the contract for the rights to Jimi's Genetix Division for the state of California.

The New West Summit is a Cannabis Investor and Tech Summit with other great speakers like Sir Richard Branson of Virgin.

California Finest also launched many new Jimi products this past weekend at the High Times Cannabis cup in San Bernardino.

The company launched Jimi's Purple Haze cannabis sealed in a can with nitrogen, Purple Haze CO2 vapor pen oil cartridges with Clear extraction, Purple Haze Cannabis Rosin, Purple Haze cannabis oil/wax, and the Purple Haze 185 mg inhaler.

California Finest said it will be producing many cannabis products named after various song titles of Jimi Hendrix, each song representing a proprietary strain.

The company will offer California licensed/permitted cannabis producers and manufacturers the opportunity to make Jimi Hendrix and other California Finest celebrity brands through licensing agreements related to cannabis products in the state of California.

Purple Haze Properties, LLC was founded through a partnership between Andrew Pitsicalis and Leon Hendrix, blood brother to Jimi Hendrix.

Country: USA

Sector: Consumer Products

Target: Exclusive rights to Jimi Hendrix-related marijuana products

Buyer: California Finest

Vendor: Purple Haze Properties

Deal size in USD:

Type: Corporate Acquisition


Status: Closed

Buyer advisor: , ,

Comment: Terms of the deal were not disclosed
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