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Caliban salutes the flag.

[This poem surfaced after a memory I had of the
teachers in Bannantyne elementary school down on
the Avenues where, like Caliban, we learnt to hate
the people who taught us how to read and write.
A lot of them small town prigs, proud of their United
Empire Loyalist heritage who did their best to make
us ashamed of ourselves for not sitting right, talking
right or thinking right like true blue Canadians]

I never really liked you
but now you make me sick
you couldn't tell the truth even if you wanted to
you're just so full of shit
you lie to yourself
you lie with a smile
telling us this is a country
based on compromise
I was there in Montreal when tanks rumbled on the streets
churning up asphalt
was I dreaming
I was there in Oka when the razor wire went up sharp and
gleaming in the searchlights
was I dreaming
boots on the ground in Khandahar
murder and torture
not Emily Carr
You lie and people die
so don't ask me to be nice
no I won't shake your hand
no we can't reach an understanding
no there is no middle ground
when you talk about our country
you're only talking about yourself
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Title Annotation:POETRY
Author:Fennario, David
Publication:Canadian Dimension
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jul 1, 2010
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