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Calgon Carbon to Use BioRemedy Microbes for MTBE Remediation.

Pittsburgh, PA-based Calgon Carbon Corporation, a "global leader in services and solutions for making air and water cleaner and safer," recently announced it has completed a licensing agreement with Shell Global Solutions, Inc. that will allow Calgon Carbon to utilize Shell's BioRemedy Microbes in a line of products specifically designed for groundwater remediation of contaminants including the gasoline additives methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) and tertiary butyl alcohol (TBA).

Under the "right conditions," Calgon Carbon said the BioRemedy Microbes "will degrade MTBE and TBA when seeded on a bed of granular activated carbon."

"[The] proprietary technology provided by Shell Global Solutions, Inc., together with Calgon Carbon's technical expertise in carbon and groundwater remediation, solidifies Calgon Carbon's position as a leading groundwater remediation resource," said Calgon Carbon president and CEO John Stanik. "More importantly, for our customers and potential customers, the agreement creates a promising and affordable way to treat groundwater sites contaminated with oxygenates around the country."

Contact: Gail Gerono, Calgon Carbon, phone 412-787-6795, e-mail

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Publication:Mobile Emissions Today
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Date:Feb 17, 2004
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