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Calendarscope 1.4. (Management News).

Calendarscope 1.4 is a full-featured Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP calendar program allowing users to plan, manage, and schedule appointments, meetings, birthdays, vacations, and special events.

Version 1.4 of Calendarscope implements requested productivity features, such as synchronization with Palm Computing devices, customizable filters, HTML output, and other improvements.

Users can create one-time or recurring events, colour-cede different event types, set reminders for upcoming events, etc. A Drag-and-drop feature allows users to reschedule events, or change the duration. Reminders can be highlighted with fonts, colors, and sounds, and at live web URLs and email addresses. Calendarscope displays events by day, week, or month. Data is protected from unauthorized access with strong encryption algorithms. This organizer is also network-enabled, and allows network users to access data in a read-only mode.

Calendarscope is now Palm-enabled in its latest release. Data can be synchronised with PalmOS handheld. Calendarscope Also includes the holidays of over 30 countries in its database, and simplifies the conversion of calendars to HTML formats for Web or intranet publishing.
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Publication:Software World
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Date:Jul 1, 2002
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