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AUG. 16-17
  ISRI Western Regional
  Conference and Southwestern
  Chapter Consumers Night,
  San Diego,
  ISRI Southwestern Chapter,
  (626) 962-4047

AUG. 19-21
  BioCycle Northeast
  Conference 2002,
  Portland, Maine, BioCycle,
  (610) 967-4135

AUG. 25-28
  Georgia Recycling Coalition
  Annual Conference & Trade
  St. Simons Island, Ga.,
  Georgia Recycling Coalition,
  (404) 634-3095

SEPT. 5-8
  Used Building Materials
  Assoc. Conference,
  Portland, Ore.,
  Used Building Materials Assoc.,
  (877) 221-8262

SEPT. 8-11
  NRC Annual Congress,
  Austin, Texas,
  National Recycling Coalition,
  (703) 683-9025

SEPT. 10
  ISRI Nickel/Stainless Roundtable
  and Consumers Night,
  ISRI Pittsburgh Chapter,
  (412) 675-8270

SEPT. 10
  ISRI Wisconsin Chapter
  Summer Meeting,
  Milwaukee, Wisc.,
  ISRI Wisconsin Chapter,
  (920) 921-2070

SEPT. 16-18
  Investment Recovery Conference
  & Trade Show,
  Vancouver, British Columbia,
  Investment Recovery Association,
  (913) 262-4597

  Plastics Encounter,
  Indianapolis, Ind.,
  Plastics News,
  (330) 865-6134

SEPT. 17-19
  Aluminum Extruders Council
  Management Conference,
  Aluminum Extruders Council,
  (847) 526-2010

SEPT. 18-20
  ISRI Commodities Roundtables,
  Institute of Scrap Recycling
  Industries Inc.,
  (202) 737-1770

SEPT. 25-27
  Recycling Council of Ontario
  Annual Conference,
  Belleville, Ontario, Canada,
  Recycling Council of Ontario,

SEPT. 25
  ISRI Northern Ohio Chapter
  Consumers Night,
  Cleveland Heights, Ohio,
  ISRI Northern Ohio Chapter,
  (330) 659-0900

SEPT. 26-29
  ISRI New Southern Chapter
  Fall Conference,
  Asheville, N.C.,
  ISRI New Southern Chapter,
  (863) 665-7157

SEPT. 30-OCT. 2
  Iron and Steel Exposition and
  2002 AISE Annual Convention,
  Nashville, Tenn.,
  American Iron and Steel
  Engineers, (412) 281-6323

OCT. 2
  ISRI Northern Ohio
  Consumers Night,
  Cleveland Heights, Ohio,
  ISRI Northern Ohio Chapter,
  (216) 341-4000

OCT. 10-11
  NADC Safety Summit,
  Kansas City, Mo.,
  National Association of
  Demolition Contractors,
  (215) 348-4949

OCT. 23-26
  ISRI Paper Stock Industries
  Chapter Fall Paper Conference,
  Plantation, Fla.,
  ISRI PSI Chapter,
  (561) 627-9191
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Publication:Recycling Today
Date:Aug 1, 2002
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