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23-25 "New Cardiovascular Horizons and Management of the Diabetic Foot and Wound Healing," sponsored by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette College of Nursing and the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, in New Orleans, LA; call 337/261-0944.

23-25 "Planning, Funding, and Sustaining a Hospital Based Palliative Care Program," sponsored by the Center to Advance Palliative Care, in San Diego, CA; call 212/201-2680; e-mail;

24 "Improving Health Care Quality Through Research," sponsored by Florida International University School of Nursing, in Miami, FL; contact Dr. J. M. Young-blut, 305/919-5845, e-mail youngblu@fiu.cdu.

24-26 Weekend Immersion in Nursing Informatics, sponsored by the Nursing Computers Application Network, Eastern Ontario Chapter, in Ottawa, ON, Canada; contact V. Testa 6131825-4762,; or S. K. Newbold, 410/531-9244; visit


1-5 "Building Diverse Relationships," the 37th Biennial Convention of Sigma Theta Tau International, in Toronto, Ontario. Canada;

5-7 "Change in the Fast Paced Health Care World," 2nd International Nursing Management Conference, Belek, Antalya, Turkey. Sponsored by Hacettepe University School of Nursing. Contact: KUBABA Tourism, +90 0312 428 04 00; e-mail;

8-12 "Biomedical and Health Informatics: From Foundations to Applications," the 2003 Annual Symposium of the American Medical Informatics Symposium, in Washington, DC; call 301/657-1291;

13-16 The 21st Annual MidYear Conference of the National Student Nurses' Association, in New Orleans, LA; contact Anthony J. Jannetti, Inc., 856/256-2314;


5-7 Weekend Immersion in Nursing Informatics, sponsored by American Nursing Informatics Association and Arizona State University, in Tempe, AZ; contact A. M. Weathersby,; or S. K. Newbold, 410/531-9244; or visit


16 "Improving confidence in the Results of Classroom Multiple-Choice Exams," in Phoenix, AZ, sponsored by the National League for Nursing; visit

NURSING EDUCATION PERSPECTIVES will gladly announce your events. Please contact Leslie Block, Managing Editor, National League for Nursing, 61 Broadway, New York NY 10006; fax 212/812-0393; allow ample lead dine before your event.
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Publication:Nursing Education Perspectives
Date:Sep 1, 2003
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