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Sep 7-10 18th International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Plasmas. Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Sep 7-12 Third International Conference on Inertial Fusion Sciences and Applications. California. Contact:

Sep 8-10 10th European Fusion Theory Conference. Helsinki, Finland. 10

Sep 8-12 International Topical Conference on Plasma Physics: Complex Plasmas in the New Millenium. Santorini Island, Greece.

Sep 8-13 Tenth International Conference on Ion Sources (ICIS 2003). Dubna, Russia.

Sep 9-12 International Conference on Research and Applications of Plasmas. Warsaw, Poland.

Sep 15-17 Spherical Tokamak Workshop 2003. Culham, England.

Sep 15-19 Fourth International Conference on Plasma Physics and Plasma Technology. Minsk, Belarus.

Sep 16-19 Symposium on Plasma in Laboratory and Universe. Como, Italy.

Sep 17-19 Tenth International Workshop on Carbon Materials for Fusion Applications (Carbon-10). Juelich, Germany.

Sep 22-26 14th Stellarator Workshop. Greifswald, Germany.

Sep 22-27 Basic Processes of Turbulent Plasmas. Chalkidiki, Greece.

Sep 23 Pulsed Power 2003 Symposium. Loughborough University, England.

Sep 24-26 9th IAEA Technical Meeting on H-Mode Physics and Transport Barriers. San Diego, California.

Sep 28-Oct 2 Eleventh International Symposium on Laser-aided Plasma Diagnostics (LAPD11). Les Houches, France. 11/index.htm

Sep 29-Oct 1 IAEA Technical Meeting on Innovative Concepts and Theory of Stellarators. Greifswald, Germany.
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Publication:Fusion Power Report
Article Type:Calendar
Date:Sep 1, 2003
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