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Calendar of events.

September 23-24

Symposium on Experiences with Distributed and Multi Processor Systems IV San Diego, Calif. Sponsor: USENIX Assoc. in coop w/SIGOPS, SIGCOMM, SIGARCH, SIGSOFT, and IEEE-CS. Contact Paul Reiher, Comp. Sci. Dept., Boelter Hall, UCLA, 405 Hilgard Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90024-5096; (310) 825-8332; email:

September 26-October 1

OOPSLA '93: Conference on Object Oriented Programming Systems Languages and Applications Washington, DC. Sponsor: SIGPLAN. Contact Timlynn Babitsky, Knowledge Systems Corp., 114 MacKenan Dr., Ste. 100, Cary, NC 27512-0546; (919) 460-9044.

September 27-29

7th International Workshop on Distributed Algorithms Lausanne, Switzerland. Sponsors: Swiss Fed. Inst. of Tech. Cycle Romand, Cycle Romand D'inf.. Contact Andre Schiper, Dept. d'informatique, Federal Institute de Technologie, 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland; 41(21)693-5269; fax: 41 (21) 693-3909; email:

September 28-30

4th International Conference on Human Machine Interaction and Artificial Intelligence in Aerospace Toulouse, France. Sponsor: EURISCO et al. Contact Helen Wilson, EURISCO, Prologue I, B.P. 27-25, 31312 Labege Cedex, France; (33) 62 24 82 31; (33) 62 24 95 87; email:

September 28-30

USING 93: Interoperability and Distributed Computing (Tekecom Industry) Atlanta, Ga. Sponsor: UNIX Systems Information Networking Group. Contact Terry Barrett, Bellcore, RRC-1C229, 444 Hoes La., Piscataway, NJ 08833; (908) 699-2977; email: terryb

September 30-October 2

1st European Symposium on Algorithms Bad Honnef, Germany. Sponsor: EATCS, GI, GMD in coop w/SIGACT. Contact Thomas Lengauer, GMD-Sankt Augustin Schloss Birlinghoven, GMD-I1 W5205 St. Augustin, Germany: +49 2241 14 2777; email: lengauer

October 4-7

2d Conference on Optical 3-D Measurement Techniques Zurich, Switzerland. Sponsor: ISPRS Comm V, Fig Comm VI, SGPBF. Contact Inst. for Geodesy and Photogammetry, ETH-Honggerberg, CH-8093 Zurich, Switzerland; +41 1 377 3051; fax: +41 1 372 0438; email: chezepp@p.igp.

October 4-7

USENIX: 4th UNIX Security Symposium Santa Clara, Calif. Sponsor: USENIX Assoc., CERT in coop. w/SIGSAC. Contact Ellie Young, Usenix Assoc., 2560 9th St., Ste. 215, Berkeley, CA 94710; (415) 528-8649; email:

October 5-8

SIGDOC '93: 11th Annual Conference on Systems Documentation

Kitchner, Ontario, Canada. Sponsor: SIGDOC. Contact Paul Beam, Univ. of Waterloo, Ctr. for Prof. Writing, Waterloo, Ont., Canada N2L 3G1; (519) 885-1211 x.3673; email: pdbeam

October 7-8*

Hardware/Software Co-Design Workshop Cambridge, Mass. Sponsor: SIGDA, SIGSOFT, IEEE Grants and Systems, IFIP WG 10.2. Contact Wayne Wolf, Princeton Univ., Dept. of Elect. Eng., Princeton, NJ 08544; (609) 258-1424; email:

October 7-8*

OSF Distributing Computing Environment Karlsruhe, Germany. Sponsor: German Nat. Assoc. of Comp. Sci. Contact Alexander Schill, Univ. of Karlsruhe, Inst. of Telematics, Zirkel 2, 7500 Karlsruhe 1, Germany; +49 721 608 4022; fax: +49 721 606097; email: schill@

October 11-13

IFIP Working Conference on Diffusion, Transfer & Implementation of Information Technology

Pittsburgh, Penn. Sponsor: IFIP, Tech. Comm. 8, in coop. w/SEI, Carnegie-Mellon Univ. Contact Priscilla Fowler, SEI, Carnegie-Mellon Univ., 4500 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15213; (412) 268-7748; fax: 268-5758; email: pjf@

October 12-15

International Workshop on Rough Sets and Knowledge Discovery (RSKD-93)

Banff, Alberta, Canada. Sponsor: AAAI, Canadian Society for Computational Studies of Intelligence, International Assoc. for Mathematics and Computers in Simulation and Regina Univ. Contact Wojciech Ziarko, Comp. Sci. Dept., Univ. of Regina, Regina SK S4S 0A2 Canada; (306) 585-5213; fax: (306) 585-4745; email:

October 13-15

4th International Conference on Foundations of Data Organization and Algorithms

Evanston, Ill. Sponsor: Matsushita, Japan; Northwestern Univ. in coop. w/SIGMOD and IEEE. Contact Peter Scheuermann, Dept. of Elect. and Comp. Sci., Northwestern Univ. 2745 Sheridan Rd., Evanston, IL 60208-3118; (708) 491-7141; email:

October 14-16

4th Workshop on Workstation Operating Systems (WWOS-IV) Napa, Calif. Sponsor: IEEE-CS Tech. Comm. Contact Fred Douglis, Matsushita Info. Tech Lab., 2 Research Way, Princeton, NJ 08540; (609) 734-7323 email: douglis@research.

October 14-16

13th International Conference of the Chilean Computer Science Society La Serena, Chile. Sponsor: Chilean Comp. Sci. Soci.. Contact Jose Piquer, Univ. de Chile, Dept. de Ciencias de la Computaci'on, Blanco Encalada 2120 Santiago, Chile; fax: +56 2 689-5531; email:

October 14-18*

8th International Audio, Video, Broadcast, and Telecommunications and Mediterranean Market of Multimedia Milan, Italy. Sponsor: IBTS-MEM and SIG-GRAPH. Contact Maria Grazia Maltei, IBTS V. Domenichino 11, Milan 20149 Italy; 011-39-2-4980330.

October 15-16

9th Annual Eastern Small College Computing Conference West Long Branch, N.J. Sponsor: Monmouth College in coop. w/ESCCC. Contact R. Pirchner, C.S. Dept., Monmouth College, West Long Branch, NJ 07764; (908) 571-4463; email:

October 18-20*

AQuls '93: 2d International Conference on Achieving Quality in Software Venice, Italy. Sponsor: Qualital and Inst. di Elaborazione dell'Informazione del CNR, in coop. w/SSSUP"S.Anna". Contact Manuela Mennucci, IEI-CNR, Via S. Maria, 46 56126 Pisa, Italy; + 39 50 593 433; + 39 50 554 342; email:

October 19-21

Computing in Aerospace 9 San Diego, Calif. Sponsor: American Insti. of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Contact Don Rosenthal, 2209 Pullman Ave., Belmont, CA 94002; (415) 592-5421; fax: (415) 592-5664; email:

October 19-21

5th International Workshop on Petri Nets and Performance Models Toulouse, France. Sponsor: SIGMETRICS, IEEE-CS, AFCET, SITEF. Contact Alain Costes, LAAS-CNRS, INPT 7, av. du Colonel Roche, 31077 Toulouse Cedex, France; (33) 61-33-62-00; email:

October 19-20*

CAPPS: Commercial Applications of Parallel Processing Systems Austin, Tex. Sponsor: MCC. Contact Beckie McCleery, MCC, 3500 W. Balcones Center Dr., Austin, TX 78759; (512) 338-3421; fax: (512) 338-3898; email:

October 21-23*

Infoscience '93 Seoul, Korea. Sponsor: ACM, Korean Info. Science Soc. (KISS). Contact Chan-Mo Park, Pohang Inst. of Tech., Dept. of Comp. Sci., Postech, San 31, Hyojadong Pohang 790-784; +82 56279 2251; email:

October 22-23*

International Symposium on Technology and Society Technology Washington, DC. Sponsor: SSIT, IEEE-TPCC and IEEE-NCAC. Contact Jacquelyn Hunter, PO Box 220652, Chantilly, VA 22020-0652; fax to William J. Kelly, Jr. at (703) 883-5200; email:

October 24-28

4th ASIS SIG/CR Classification Research Workshop Columbus, Ohio. Sponsor: ASIS SIG/CR. Contact Philip J. Smith Cognitive Sys. Engineering Lab., The Ohio State Univ., 210 Baker Sys., 1971 Neil Ave., Columbus, OH 43210; (614) 292-4120; fax: (614) 292-7852; email: phil +

October 25-26*

Parallel Rendering Symposium San Jose, Calif. Sponsor: SIGGRAPH, IEEE. Contact Chuck Hansen, Los Alamos National Lab., MS B287, Los Alamos, NM 87545; (505) 665-3663; email:

October 25-28*

ESS 93, European Simulation Symposium Delft, The Netherlands. Sponsor: Soc for Comp. Sim. Contact Alexander Verbraeck, IS Dept., Delft Univ. of Tech., PO Box 356, 2600 AJ Delft, The Netherlands; + 31 15 783805; fax: + 31 15 786632; email: a.verbraeck@

October 26-28*

International Workshop on HDTV '93 Ottawa, Canada. Sponsor: IEEE, Soc. of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, European Assoc. for Signal Processing, Inst. of Tele.Eng. of Japan, and the Inst. of Electronics, Info. and Comm Eng. of Japan. Contact Conference Coll, Inc., 1138 Sherman Dr., Ottawa, Ont., Canada K2C 2M4; (613) 224-1741; fax: (613) 224-9685.

October 26-29

Forte '93: 6th International Conference on Formal Description Techniques Boston, Mass. Sponsor: IFIP WG6.1. Contact Richard L. Tenney, Math & Comp. Sci., Univ. of Massachusetts, Boston, MA 02125-3393; email:

October 26-29*

Technology and Learning Conference Dallas, Tex. Sponsor: ACM, et al. Contact NSBA Registrar, PO Box 630422, Baltimore, MD 21263-0422; 1 800 950 6722; fax: (703) 683-7590.

November 1-4

COOCS '93: Conference on Organizational Computing Systems Milpitas, Calif. Sponsor: SIGOIS, IEEE-CS, TC-OA. Contact Peter Dejong, IBM, 101 Main St., Cambridge, MA 02142; (617) 576-9214; email:

November 1-4

GOMAC-93 New Orleans, La. For sponsorship and information contact Harry Weaver, GOMAC-93, Sandia National Lab., Div. 1321, Albuquerque, NM 87185; (505) 844-8145; fax: (505) 844-7833.

November 1-5

Conference on Information and Knowledge Management Washington, DC. Sponsor: Intl. Soc. for Comp. and App., SIGART and SIGIR. Contact Yelena Yesha, Univ. of Maryland, Dept. of Comp. Sci., Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD 21228; (410) 455-3000; email:

November 3-5

!st ACM Conference on Communications and Computing Security Fairfax, Va. Sponsor: SIGSAC. Contact Center for Professional Development, George Mason Univ., Fairfax, VA 22030-4444; (703) 993-2090.

November 3-5

6th ACM Symposium on User Interface and Software Technology Atlanta, Ga. Sponsor: SIGGRAPH, SIGCHI. Contact Scott Hudson, College of Comp. Georgia Tech. Inst., Atlanta, GA 30332-0280; (404) 894-9222.

November 3-6

ISSRE '93: 4th International Conference on Software Reliability Engineering Denver, Co. Sponsor: IEEE Comp. Soc. Tech. Comm. on Software Eng.. Contact Yashwat K. Malaiya, Comp. Sci. Dept., Colorado State Univ., F. Collins, CO 80523; (303) 491-7031; email:

November 3-7

FISEA 93: International Symposium on Electronic Art Minneapolis, Minn. For sponsorship and information contact Roman Verostko, FISEA 93, Minneapolis College of Art & Design, 2501 Stevens Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55045; (612) 825-2720; fax: (612) 874-3732; email:

November 7-10

21st SIGUCCS User Services Conference San Diego, Calif. Sponsor: SIGUCCS. Contact Jerome Smith, Univ. of California, Comp. Serv., 229 Evans Hall, Berkeley, CA 94270; (510) 642-5965; email: jas-ist@ucbmsa.

November 7-11

ICAAD 93: International Conference on Computer Aided Design Santa Clara, Calif. Sponsor: SIGDA and IEEE-CS. Contact Michael Lightner, Dept. of Elec. and Comp. Eng., Univ. of Colorado, Campus Box 425, Boulder, CO 80309; (303) 492-5180; email:

November 9-10

Federal Imaging 1992 Washington, DC. Sponsor: National Trade Productions. Contact Sylvia Griffiths, NTP Customer Service Supervisor, (703) 683-8500 or (800) 638-8510.

November 9-12

International Conference on Multimedia Modeling Kent Ridge, Singapore. Sponsor: National Univ. of Singapore, in coop. w/SIGIR and IEEE-CS. Contact Chung-Kwong Yuen, National Univ. of Singapore, Dept. of Info. Sys. & Comp. Sci., Kent Ridge, 0511 Singapore; + 65 772-2726; email: ischead@nus3090.bitnet.
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Title Annotation:September 23 - November 9, 1993
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Date:Sep 1, 1993
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