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Calendar of Events.

ACM's calendar policy is to list open computer science meetings that are sponsored by ACM, sister societies, or other scientific, technical or educational tax-exempt organizations. Educational seminars, institutes, and courses are not included due to space limitations. Listings for conferences NOT sponsored by ACM should include the title of the conference, sponsoring organization, a contact name and full address. Phone number, email address and/or fax number are optional. Please address to: Calendar Items, CACM, 1515 Broadway, New York, NY 10036; fax number: (212) 869-0481. For Conferences and Workshops sponsored or co-sponsored by ACM, the Calendar Listing should be included with the initial documents submitted for approval to ACM. All requests for ACM sponsorship or cooperation should be addressed to: CONFERENCE COORDINATOR, ACM Headquarters, 1515 Broadway, New York, NY 10036; (212) 626-0602; email: meetings at ACMVM (bitnet). The Technical Meeting Request Form (TMRF) for this purpose can be obtained from the Conference Coordinator. The TMRF should be submitted at least nine months in advance of the event to ensure time for processing the approval and to accommodate lead time for CACM listings.

The box in the upper left hand corner signifies the Conferences Board has given its approval for ACM sponsorship or cooperation. Conference Board Chair is Frank Friedman, Dept. of Computer and Information Sciences, Computer Center Building, Room 303, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA 19122; (215) 379-3945 (friedman;catemple.csnet).

June 17 ISSA 92: 1992 Conference and Expo on Information Systems Security

New York, NY. Sponsor: NY Metropolitan Chapter of the Information Systems Security Assoc. Contact Dione Levine, ISSA Conference, P.O. Box 1063, Grand Central Sta., New York, NY 10163-1063; (212) 242-3900.

June 17-19 SEKE '92: 4th International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering

Capri, Italy. Sponsor: Univ. of Salerno, Univ. of Naples, CRIAI, Univ. of Pittsburgh, SWIFT. Contact S.K. Chang, Dept. of Comp. Sci, Univ. of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15260; (412) 624-8432; email: chang@cs.

June 17-19* 2d Workshop "Explication" of the PRC-GDR-IA (CNRS)

Sophia-Antpolis, France. Contact Danny Sergeant, INRIA Relations Exterieuries, BP 109, 06561 Valbonne, Cedex, France; (16) 93 65 77 05; fax: (16) 93 65 77 65; email: bea

June 18-20 18th International Workshop on Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science

Wiesbaden-Naurod, Germany. Sponsor: Johann Wolgang goethe Univ. Contact Ernst W. Mayr, J.W. Goethe Univ., Theoretische Informatik, Robert-Mayer-Str. 11-15, W-6000 Frankfurt am Main, Germany. ++49 69 7988325; email:

June 18-20

* TWLA 92: ACM Tutorials for Professional Development

Los Angeles, Calif. Sponsor: ACM Local Activities Board, Los Angeles ACM and Orange County ACM Chapters. Contact David Oppenheim, 3507 Barry Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90066; (310) 397-2546; email: dave op

June 21-24 15th International ACM/SIGIR Conference on Research & Development in Information Retrieval

Copenhagen, Denmark. Sponsor: Royal School of Librarianship in coop. with SIGIR. Contact Peter Ingwersen, Danmarks Biblioteksskole, The Royal School of Librarian, 6 Birketinget, DK-2300 Copenhagen S; 45 31 58 60 66

June 22

* ACM/BPI Tech JOB Fair

Columbia, Md. Sponsor: ACM and BPI. Contact Nick Harding, BPI, 187 Ballardvale St., Ste. 260, Wilmington, MA 01887; (508) 988-0881.

June 22-24

* LFP '92: ACM Conference on Lisp and Functional Programming

San Francisco, Calif. Sponsor: SIGPLAN, SIGACT and SIGART. Contact Jon L. White, Lucid, Inc., 707 Laurel St., Menlo Park, CA 94025; (415) 329-8400; email: jonl@lucid. com.

June 22-24* International Conference on Theorem Provers in Circuit Design: Theory, Practice and Experience

The Netherlands. Sponsor: IFIP TC10/WG 10.2, The Dutch National Facility for Informatics. Contact Huub van Thienen or Harriet Reker, Univ. of Nijmegen, Dept. of Comp. Sci., Computer and Communications Systems Group, P.O. Box 9010, NL 6500 GL Nijmegen, the Netherlands; email: germaine

June 22-25 7th Annual IEEE Conference on Structure in Complexity Theory

Boston, Mass. Sponsor: IEEE. Contact James Royer, School of Comp. and Info. Sci., Syracuse Univ., Syracuse, NY 13244; email: royer

June 22-25 Logic in Computer Science

Santa Cruz, Calif. Sponsor: IEEE TC. Contact Phokian Kolaitis, Comp. and Info. Sci., Univ. of California @ Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA 95064; email:

June 22-26 CGI '92: Computer Graphics International '92

Tokyo, Japan. Sponsor: Kogakuin Univ. Contact T. Takahashi, CG192, Autonomous Robot Systems Lab, NTT Human Interface Labs, 3-9-11 Midori-cho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180, Japan; 81 422 59 2406; fax: 81 422 59 2245; email:

June 29-July 1 4th Workshop on Computer-Aided Verification

Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Sponsors: Concordia Unvi. et al. Contact Gregor Von Bochman, Unvi. de Montreal, Dept. d'IRO, 2900, Edouard-Montpetit Blvd., V-240, Montreal, Quebec, H3C 3J7 Canada; (514) 343-7484; fax: (514) 343-5834; email: bochman@

June 29-July 1 ATABLE-92:2d International Workshop on Array Structures

Montreal, Quebec, Canada. For sponsorship and information contact Martine Gemme, ATABLE-92, DIRO Univ. de Montreal, P.O. Box 6128, Sta. A, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3C 3J7; (514) 343-6602; fax: (514) 343-5834; email:

June 29-July 3 ECOOP '92, 6th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming

Utrecht, the Netherlands. Contact Gert Florjin, Software Engineering Research Centre, P.O. Box 424, 3500 AK Utrecht, the Netherlands; +31 (30) 322640; fax: +31 (30) 341249; email:

July 6-10

* APL '92: International Conference on APL

St. Petersburg, Russia. Sponsor: SIGAPL, SovAPL, FinnAPL, USSR Academy of Science. Contact Erkki Juvonen, Finnish APL Association Simontie 6 D 126, 01350 Vantaa, Finland; or US Contact, Lynne Shaw, 417 Riverside Drive, #9B, New York, NY 10025; (212) 662-2400.

July 6-10 4th International Conference on Information Processing and Management Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems

Palma de Malorca, Spain. Contact IPMU '92 Conference, c/o L. Valerde, Dept. of Math i Info. Univ. Illes Balears, Carretera de Valldemossa, Km 7,5.070701, Palma de Mallorca, Spain; fax: 34 71 758061 email:

July 6-10 3d Forum on Informatics

Hanoi, Viet Nam. Sponsor: Viet Nam Assoc. for Information Processing. Contact the assoc. at 36C Ly Nam De, Ha-noi, Viet Nam; +84 4 254219; fax: +84 4 256849.

July 7-9 ICCHP '92: International Conference on Computers for Handicapped Persons

Vienna, Austria. OCG, Tech. Univ. of Vienna, GI, SI, TermNet. Contact Wolgang Zagler, Tech. Univ. of Vienna, Inst. for Electronics, Gusshausstreabe 27/359/1B, A-1040, Vienna, Austria; +43 1 58801-3887; fax: +43 1 505 26 66; email:

July 8-10 FTCS-22: International Symposium on Fault-tolerant Computing

Boston, Mass. Sponsor: UMASS @ Amherst. Contact Dhiraj Pradham, Symposium Chair, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Eng., Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA 01003; (413) 545-0160; fax: (413) 545-4611; email: prad

July 12-17 AAAI-92, 10th National Conference on Artificial Intelligence and 4th Annual Conference on Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence

San Jose, Calif. Sponsor: American Association for Artificial Intelligence. Contact AAAI-92, 445 Burgess Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025; (415) 328-3123; fax: (415) 321-4457; email: or

July 13-17

* State of the Art in Computer Graphics

Reding, UK. Sponsor: SIGGRAPH and British Computer Society. Contact Rae Earnshaw, +44 532 335414; email: eclrae@leeds.cmsl.

July 19-24

* ICS '92: ACM SIGARCH International Conference on Supercomputing

Washington, DC. Sponsor: SIGARCH. Contact Ken Kennedy, CITI Rice Univ., P.O. Box 1892, Houston, TX 77251; (713) 527-6009; email:

July 20-24

* Logic at Tver '92: Logical Foundation of Computer Science

Tver, Russia. Sponsor: Math Science Inst., IEEE, EATCS, ASL, in coop. SIGACT. Contact M.A. Taitslyn, Univ. of Tver, 33 Zhelyahova St., Tver 170013 Russia.

July 23-25* 1st Annual Conference on Multimedia in Education & Industry--Training for the 21st Century

Charleston, S.C. For sponsorship and additional information, contact Ronald D. Plemmons, S.C. Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education, 111 Executive Dr., Columbia, SC 29210; (800) 553-7702.

July 27-29

* ISSAC: International Symposium on Symbolic Algebraic Computation

Berkeley, Calif. Sponsor: SIGSAM. Contact Erich Kaltolfen, Rensselaer Polytech. Inst., Dept. of Comp. Sci., Troy, NY 12180; (518) 276-6907; email:

July 27-29

* 5th Annual Workshop on Computational Learning Theory

Pittsburgh, Penn. Sponsor: SIGACT and SIGART. Contact Robert Daley, Univ. of Pittsburgh, Dept. of Comp. Sci., Pittsburgh, PA 15260; (412) 624-5930; email:

July 27-31

* SIGGRAPH '92: 19th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques

Chicago, Ill. Sponsor: SIGGRAPH. Contact Smith, Bucklin, & Assoc., 401 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60611; (312) 644-6610.

August 4-7

* The St. Petersburg International Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction

St. Petersburg, USSR. Sponsor: ICTSI in coop.w/SIGCHI. Contact Larry Press, California State Univ., Comp. Sci. Dept., 10726 Esther Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90064; (310) 675-6515; email:

August 5-6 Fed Micro '92

Washington, DC. Sponsor: National Trade Productions. Contact Sylvia Griffiths, (800) 638-8510 or (703) 683-8500.

August 9-14 AAAI's Tenth Annual Conference on AI (AAAI-92)

San Diego, Calif. Sponsor: The American Association for Artificial Intelligence. Contact AAAI-92, Burgess Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025-3496; (415) 328-3123.

August 10-12

* PODC '92: 11th Annual ACM Symposium in Principles of Distributed Computing

Vancouver, BC, Canada. Sponsor: SIGOPS and SIGACT. Contact Norm Hutchinson, Univ. of British Columbia, Dept. of Comp. Sci., 6356 Agriculture Rd, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6T 1Z2; (604) 822-8188; email:

August 10-14* LUV-92, Lisp Users Vendors Conference

San Diego, Calif. For sponsorship and information contact Laura Lotz, An Event to Remember, P.O. Box 294, Malvern, PA 19355-0294; (215) 651-2990; fax: (215) 651-0936 or Jim Argones GE-CRD K1-5c30, P.O. Box 8, Schenectady, NY 12301; (518) 387-6967; email:

August 14-16 7th international Conference on Computing and Philosophy

Orlando, Fla. Sponsor: The Committee on Computer Use in Philosophy of the American Philosophical Association, Dept. of Philosophy and Humanities, Dept. of Comp. Sci., and the Journal, Philosophy and Computing. Contact Don Jones, Philosophy, UCF, Orlando, FL 32816; email: asdihifaa@ucf1vm (internet:

August 17-20

* SIGCOMM Symposium, Communication, Architectures, and Protocols

Baltimore, Md. Sponsor: SIGCOMM. Deepinder Sidhu, Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore County Campus, Comp. Sci. Dept., 5401 Wilkins Ave., Baltimore, MD 21264; (301) 455-3028; email: sidhu@umbc3.

August 17-21* 21st International Conference on Parallel Processing

Charles, Ill. For sponsorship and additional information contact T. Feng, E.E. East Bldg., The Pennsylvania State Univ., University Park, PA 16802; (814) 863-1469; fax: (814) 865-7065; email:

August 19-21

* International Workshop on Distributed Object Management

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Sponsor: Univ. of Alberta in coop. w/SIGMOD. Contact M. Tamer Ozsu, Univ. of Alberta, T6G 2H1 Canada; (403) 492-4589; email: ozsu@cs.alber

August 24-27

* 18th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases

Vancouver, BC, Canada. Sponsor: CIPS and VLDB Endowment in coop. with SIGMOD. Contact Paul Sorenson, Univ. at Alberta, 615 General Services Bldg., Edmonton, Alberta, T6G 2HI Canada; (403) 492-4589; email:

August 24-27 CONCUR '92

Stony Brook, N.Y. Contact Scott Smolka, Dept. of Comp. Sci., SUNY@Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY 11794; (516) 632-8453; fax: (516) 632-8453; email:

August 26-28 4th International Symposium on Programming Language Implementation and Logic Programming (PLILP 92)

Leveun, Belgium. For sponsorship and information contact Maurice Bruynooghe, Dept. of Comp. Sci., Katholieke Univ. Leuven, Celestijnenlaan 200A, B-3001, Heverlee, Belgium; fax: ++32-(0) 16-20.53.08; email: maurice@cs.

August 31-September 2 FPL 92: International Workshop on Field-Programmable Logic and Applications

Vienna, Austria. Sponsor: Vienna Univ. of Technology and Univ. Kaiserlautern. Contact Herbert Grunbacher, FPL 92, Vienna Univ. of Technology, Treitlstrasse 3, A-1040 Vienna, Austria; +43 1 58801-8150; fax: +43 1 569697; email: herbert@vlsivie.tuwien.

September 2-4 3d International Workshop on VLSI for Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks

Oxford, England. Sponsor: Univ. of Oxford. Contact Jose G. Delgado-Frias, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, SUNY@Binghamton, NY 13902-6000; (607) 777-4806; fax: (607) 777-4822; email:

September 2-4 DEXA 92: 3d Conference on Database and Expert Systems and Applications

Valencia, Spain. Sponsor: Tech. Univ. of Valencia, Research Inst. for Applied Knowledge Engineering, Austrian Comp. Soc., and German Comp. Soc. Contact Roland Wagner, Inst. of Comp. Sci., Univ. of Linz, A-4040 Linz, Austria; +43 (732) 2468-791; fax: +43 (732) 243989; email: a4423dab@awiuni11. bitnet.

September 7-8 2d European Workshop on Software Process Technology

Trondheim, Norway. Sponsor: AFCET, AICA, Norwegian Computer Society, et al. Contact Jean Claude Derniame, Centre de Recherche en Informatique de Nancy, CRIN, Campus Scientifique, B.P.O. 239, F-54506 Vandoeuvre Les Nancy, France; +33 83.413052; fax: +33 83.413079; email: der

September 7-10

* European Design Automation Conference

Hamburg, Germany. Sponsor: SIGDa, GI, ITG, GME, BCS, NGI, AFCET, IEEE CS, IFIP. Contact Egon Horbst, Siemens AG ZFE IS EA, Postfach 830953, D-8000 Munchen 83; 49 089 636 3354; email: mcvax!unido! ztivax!hoerbst.

September 7-11 IFIP Congress 1992: 12th World Computer Congress

Madrid, Spain. Sponsor: International Federation for Information Processing. Contact Grupo Geyseco, IFIP '92, Mauricio Legendre 4, BG, E-28046 Madrid, Spain; fax: (+34-1) 3234936; email:

September 8-9 2d European Modula-2 Conference

Leicester, England. Sponsor: Leicester Polytechnic. Contact Sue Brookes, Modula-2, Leicester Polytechnic, Marketing Centre, P.O. Box 143, Leicester LE1 9BH England; (0533) 577098; fax: (0533) 549972.

September 8-10 MDBD-92: Baltic Conference on the Methods of Database Design

Riga, Latvian Republic. Sponsor: FRAME, Ltd. in coop. Baltic Coop. Council, ICM Univ, of Stockholm, and Latvian Academy of Sciences. Contact Boris Cadish, MDBD-92, Perses St., 2, Riga, Latvia, 226400; 211510; fax: (0132) 282524.

September 14-16 DCCA-3, 3d IFIP Working Conference on Dependable Computing for Critical Applications

Mondello (Palermo), Sicily, Italy. Sponsor: IFIP Working Group 10.4. Contact Luca Simoncini, Dipartimento Di Ingegneria dell'Informazione, Univ. of Pisa, Via Diotisalvi 2, 56100 Pisa, Italy; +(39) 50 593443 or 550100; fax: +(39) 554342; email:

September 15-18*

* HCI '92 People and Computers Youk, United Kingdom. Sponsor: BCS, HCI Group, in coop. w/SIGCHI. Contact Francoise Vassie, Center for Continuing Education, Univ. of York, York, Y01 ZEP, United Kingdom; 011 44 904 433949; email:

September 20-23*

* 7th Annual Knowledge Based Software

Tysons Corner, Va Sponsor: Rome Lab. in coop.w/SIGART and SIGSOFT. Contact W. Lewis Johnson, USC/Information Sciences Institute, 4676 Admiralty Way, Marina del Ray, CA 90292-6695; (310) 822-1511; email:

September 23-25*

* International Conference on Data Transmission

London, United Kingdom. Sponsor: SIGCOMM, SIGOIS, and IEE. Contact Jane Chopping, Inst. of Electrical Engineers, Savoy Place, London WC2R 0BL United Kingdom; 071 240 1871.

September 23-25

* PRICAI 92: Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Seoul, Korea. Sponsor: KISS, CAIR in coop. w/SIGART. Contact Jin Hyung Kim, Korea Advanced Inst. of Sci. & Tech., 373-1 Kusong-dong Yusong-ku; 82 42 829 3517; email:

September 24-25 International Workshop on Object Orientation in Operating Systems IWOOOs '92

Paris, France. Sponsor: Inst. National Recherche en Informatique et Automatique, INRIA, IEEE Technical Workshop on Operating Systems and Application Environments. Contact Roy Campbell, Univ. of Illinois, Dept. of Comp. Sci., 2413 Digital Lab, 1304 W. Springfield Ave., Urbana, IL 61801; (217) 333-3328; email:

September 29-October 1 EUROSIM '92: Eurosim Simulation Congress

Capri, Italy. Sponsor: SCSI, CASS, CSSC, CNR Italy. Contact A. DiChiara, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Univ. of Rome "Tor Vergata", via della Ricerca Scientifica, I-00173 Roma, Italy; +39 6 72594575; fax: +39 6 72594586.

September 30-October 2

* International Workshop on Hardware-Software Codesign

Estes Park, Co. Sponsor: SIGDA, SIGSOFT, IEEE-CS, and IEEE-C&CS. Contact Joanne Degroat, Ohio State Univ., 205 Neil Ave., Columbus, OH 43210; email: degroat@ee.

September 30-October 2 13th Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control and Computing

Monticello, Ill. Sponsor: Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Contact P. Van Dooren, (217) 333-0656; email: vdooren@uics1. or M. Spong (217) 333-4281; email:

October 5-7

* CESS 92: 6th SEI Conference on Software Engineering Education

San Diego, Calif. Sponsor: SEI in coop w/IEEE-CS, SIGCSE, SIGSOFT. Contact Carol Sledge, Software Engineering Institute, Rm 4206, 4500 5th Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15213; (412) 268-7708; email: cas@sei.

October 5-7 11th Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems

Houston, Tex. Sponsor: IEEE Computer Society TC on Distributed Processing and TC on Fault-Tolerant Computing, IFIP WG 10.4 on Dependable Computing. Contact Kishor S. Trivedi, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Duke Univ., Durham, NC 27706; (919) 660-5269; email:

October 5-7 2d International Conference On Software Quality Control

Research Triangle Park, N.C. Sponsor: American Society for Quality Control Software Division. Contact Sue McGrath, SAS Inst., SAS Campus Dr., Cary, NC 27513; email: or John E. Lowe, Litton Computer Services, 4020 Executive Dr., Dayton, OH 45430; (513) 429-6458.

October 5-7 International Workshop Compiler Construction

Paderborn, Germany. Sponsor: German Gesellschaft fur Informatik, IFIP WG 2.4, GI Fachgruppe 2.1.3. Contact P. Pfahler, Univ.-GH Paderborn, Fachberiech Mathematick/Informatik, Warburger Str. 100, 4790 Paderborn, Germany; 05251 603069; fax: 05251 603836; email:

October 7-9 3d International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering

Research Triangle Park, N.C. Sponsor: IEEE CS, Alcatel Network Systems, BNR, Fujitsu, Northern Telecom, Storage Technology Corp. Contact M.A. Vouk, North Carolina State Univ., Dept. of Comp. Sci., Box 8206, Raleigh, NC 27695; (919) 515-7886; email:

October 12-14 3d International BANKAI Workshop: 1992 Adaptive Intelligent Systems

Brussels, Belgium. Sponsor: SWIFT. Contact Bob Phelps, A.I. Labs, 1 Avenue Adele, 1310 La Hulpe, Belgium; +32 2 655 31 53; fax: +32 2 655 3785.

October 12-15

* ASPLOS V: 5th Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Systems

Boston, Mass. Sponsor: SIGARCH, SIGOPS and SIGPLAN. Contact Barry Flahive, Hewlett-Packard Apollo Systems, 300 Apollo Drive, MS CHR 02 DE, Chelmsford, MA 01824; (508) 256-6600; email: flahive@apol

October 13-16

* SIGDO '92: 10th Annual ACM Conference on Systems Documentation

Ottawa, Canada. Sponsor: SIGDOC. Contact Roy MacLean, Bell Northern Research, P.O. Box 3511, Sta. C, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. KIY 4H7; (613) 763-4896; email: maclean

October 18-22

* OOPSLA '92: Object Oriented Programming Systems, Languages, Architectures

Vancouver, Canada. Sponsor: SIGPLAN. Contact John Pugh, School of Comp. Sci., Carleton Univ., Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ont., Canada KIS 5B6; (613) 788-4330; email: john

October 19-20

* 1992 Volume Visualization Workshop

Boston, Mass. Sponsor: SIGGRAPH. Contact Larry Gelberg, Stardent 6, New England Technical Center, 521 Virginia Rd., Concord, MA 01742; (508) 287-0100; email: lar

October 19-21 Frontiers '92: 4th Symposium on the Frontiers of Massively Parallel Computation

McLean, Va. For sponsorship and more information contact Pearl Wang, Comp. Sci. Dept., George Mason Univ. Fairfax, VA 22030-4444; (703) 993-1530; email: f92info@

October 19-23 4th International Workshop on Foundations of Models and Languages for Data and Objects: MODELLING DATABASE DYNAMICS

Volkse, Germany. Sponsor: GI Working Group Foundation of Information Systems, in coop. with EATCS. Contact Udo Lipeck, Inst. fur Informatik, Univ. Hannover, Lange Laube 22, D-W 3000 Hanover 1, Germany; 49 (511) 762-4950; email:

October 19-23 Visualization '92

Boston, Mass. Sponsor: IEEE CS. Contact IEEE CS, Conference Dept., 1730 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20036-1903; (202) 371-1013.

October 25 3d ASIS SIG/CR Classification Research Workshop

Pittsburgh, Penn. Sponsor: Special Interest Group on Classification Research of the American Society for Information Science. Contact Raya Fidel, Graduate School Library and Information Science, Univ. of Washington, FM-30, Seattle, WA 98195; (206) 543-1888; fax: (206) 685-8049; email:

October 26-29 3d International Conference on Principle of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR '92)

Cambridge, Mass. Sponsor: AAAI and CSCSI in coop. w/ECCAI and IJCAII. Contact William Swartout, USC/Information Sciences Inst., 4676 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292-6695; (213) 822-1511; fax: (213) 823-6714; email:

October 27-30 3d Eurographics Workshop on Object-Oriented Graphics

Switzerland. Sponsors: Eurographics, C.U.I. Contact X. Pintado, C.U.I., Univ. of Geneva, 12 rue du Lac, 1207 Geneva, Switzerland; +41 22 787 6586; fax: +41 22 735 3905; email:

November 1-4

* CSCW '92: Computer Supported Cooperative Work '92

Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Sponsor: SIGCHI and SIGOIS. Contact Marilyn Mantei, CSRI, Rm. 398, Pratt Building, 6 King's College Rd., Univ. of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 1A4; (416) 978-5512; email: mantei

November 1-4 ORSA/TIMS National Joint Meeting

San Francisco, Calif. Sponsor: ORSA and TIMS. Contact Chaiho Kim, The Leavey School of Business, Univ. of Santa Clara, CA 94035.

November 3-6 3d European Conference on Software Quality

Madrid, Spain. Sponsor: EOQ Software Committee. Contact Julio Gonzalez Sanz, AECC-CONGHRISA, c/o Velazquez 90 5, 28006 Madrid (SPAIN); +34 1 575 25 80; fax +34 1 577 38 74.

November 4-6 1992 IEEE International Workshop on Defect Tolerance VLSI Systems

Dallas, Tex. Sponsor: IEEE. Contact F. Lombardi, Dept. of Comp. Sci., Texas A&M Univ., College Station, TX 77843-3112; (409) 845-8641; fax: (409) 847-8578; email: lom

November 6-7 PDC '92--Participatory Design Conference

Cambridge, Mass. Sponsor: Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility. Contact Michael J. Muller/PDC'92, Bellcore RRC-1H229, 444 Hoes La., Piscataway, NJ 08854; (908) 699-4892; fax: (908) 336-2932; email:

November 8-12

* IEEE International Conference on Computer Aided Design

Santa Clara, Calif. Sponsor: SIGDA, IEEE CAS, IEEE CS. Contact Louise Trevillyan, IBM Corp., P.O. Box 218, MS 33-145, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598; (914) 945-1507; email:

November 9-12*

* Conference on Software Maintenance '92

Orlando, Fla. Sponsor: SIGSOFT and IEEE CS. Contact Vaclav Rajlich, Wayne State Univ., Dept. of Comp. Sci., Detroit, MI 48202; (313) 577-5423; email: vtr@cs.

November 12-13 2d Workshop on the Management of Replicated Data

Monterey, Calif. Sponsor: IEEE TCOS. Contact Jehan-Francois Paris, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Houston, Houston, TX 77204-3475; (713) 749-3943; fax: (713) 749-2378; email:

November 12-13*

* 3d International Workshop on Network and Operating System Support for Digital Audio and Video

La Jolla, Calif. Sponsor: SIGCOMM, SIGOPS, SIGOIS, UCSD. Contact Venkat Rangan, UCSD, Mail Code 0114, La Jolla, CA 92093-0114; (619) 534-5419; email: venkat

November 16-20

* Tri-Ada '92

Orlando, Fla. Sponsor: SIGAda. Contact Geoffrey O. Mendal, Systems Eng. Research Corp., 415 2348 Leghorn St., Suite 202B, Mountain View, CA 94043; (415) 962-8092; email:

December 7-11* 5th International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence

Cancun, Mexico. Sponsor: ITSEM in support by IJCAII and in coop.w/AAAI, CSCSI, IAKE, ECCAI, SMIA and IBM of Mexico. Contact Hugo Terashima, ITSEM, Centro de Inteligencia Artificial, Sucursal de Correos "J", Monterrey, N.L. 64849, Mexico. (52-83) 58-2000 x.5143; fax: (52-83) 58-1400; email: isai@tecmtyvm.bitnet.

December 9-11

* 5th ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on Software Development Environments

Washington, DC. Sponsor: SIGSOFT. Contact Ian Thomas, Software Design and Analysis, 444 Castro St., Ste. 400, Mountain View, CA 94041; (415) 694-1464; email: thomas@

December 12-16

* 1992 Winter Simulation Conference

Arlington, Va. Sponsor: SIGSIM, ASA SCS, ORSE, NIST, TIMS, IIE, IEEE-CS, IEEE-SMCS. Contact Herb Schwetman, MCC, 3500 West Balcones Center Dr., Austin, TX 78759-6509; (512) 338-3428.

December 13-16 ICSC '92: International Computer Science Conference 1992

Hong Kong. Sponsor: IEEE Hong Kong Section, Computer Chapter. Contact Ernest Lam, Dept. of Comp. Sci., Hong Kong Baptist College, Hong Kong; (852) 339-7081; fax: (852) 338-8014; email: ernest@bc750.

December 16-18

* 3d Annual International Symposium on Algorithms and Computation

Nagoya, Japan. Sponsor: ISAAC in coop. w/SIGACT. Contact Osamu Watanabe, Tokyo Inst. of Technology, Dept. of Comp. Sci., Meguro-ku, Ookayama Tokyo 152; email:

December 13-16* Conference on High Performing Networking

Liege, Belgium. For sponsorship and additional information contact Andre Danthine, Univ. de Liege, Institut d'Electricite Montefiore, B 4000 Liege, Belgium; +32 41 56 26 91; fax: +32 41 56 29 89; email: danthine@

January 3-6 4th International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Sponsor: Society for AI and Statistics and the International Association for Statistical Computing. Contact R.W. Olford and/or P. Cheeseman (519) 888-4609; email:

January 4-7

* International Workshop on Intelligent User Interfaces

Orlando, Fla. Sponsor: SIGCHI, SIGART in coop. w/AAAI and BCS and HCI. Contact William Hefley, Software Engineering Inst., SEI 2218, Carnegie-Mellon Univ., 4500 Fifth Ave., (412) 268-7793; email: weh@sei.

January 17-22 1993 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory

San Antonio, Tex. Sponsor: IEEE and Information Theory Society. Contact Robert Gray, Electrical Engineering Dept., 133 Durand, Stanford Univ., Stanford, CA 94305; (415) 723-4001; fax: (415) 723-8473; email:

January 20-22 Conference on Architectures and Compilation Techniques for Fine and Medium Grain Parallelism

Orlando, Fla. Sponsor: IFIP WG 10.3. Contact Kemal Ebcioglu, IBM Thomas J Watson Research Center, P.O. Box 218, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598; (914) 945-3267; email:

February 16-18

* CSC '93: 1993 ACM Computer Science Conference

Indianapolis, IN. Sponsor: ACM. Contact John F. Buck, Indiana Univ., Comp. Sci. Dept., 215 Lindley Hall, Bloomington, IN 47405-4101; (812) 855-7979; email: jbuck@ or jbuck@cs.iucs.bitnet.

February 18-19

* 1993 ACM SIGCSE Technical Symposium

Indianapolis, In. Sponsor: SIGCSE. Contact Bruce Klein, Dept. of Math and Comp. Sci., Grand Valley State Univ., Allendale, MI 49401-9403; (616) 895-2048; email: 21874bjk@msu.bitnet.

March 17-19

* ACM SIGUCCS Computer Center Management Symposium

St. Louis, Mo. Sponsor: SIGUCCS. Contact Larry Westermeyer, Univ. of Missouri, 8001 Natural Bridge Rd., St. Louis, MO 63121-4499; (314) 553-6000; email: slwwest@ umslvma.

April 6-8* DASFAA-93, 3d International Symposium on Database Systems for Advanced Applications

Deajon, Korea. Sponsor: Korean Information Science Society and Information Processing Society of Japan. Contact Hyoung-Joo Kim, Dept. of Eng., Seoul National Univ., Shinlimdong, Kwanak-ku, Seoul, Korea; +82 2 880 5327; fax: +82 2 897 0130; email: hjk@krsnucc1.bitnet.

April 18-23 3d International Symposium on Integrated Network Management

San Francisco, Calif. Sponsor: IFIP in coop. w/IEEE CNOM. Contact Action Motivation, P.O. Box 191885, San Francisco, CA 94119; (415) 512-1316; fax: (415) 512-1325; email:

April 19-23 9th International Conference on Data Engineering

Vienna, Austria. Sponsor: IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Data Engineering. Contact Forouzan Golshani, Comp. Sci. and Eng. Dept., Arizona State Univ., Tempe, AZ 85287-5406; (602) 965-2855; email:

April 20-23

* History of Programming Languages

Boston, Mass. Sponsor: SIGPLAN. Contact Jan Lee, CIT ITT 133 McBryde Hall, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0119; (703) 231-5780; email: janlee@vtmi.bitnet.

May 14-22

* Federated Computing Research Conference

San Diego, Calif. Sponsor: ACM, CRA, and IEEE. Contact David S. Wise, Indiana Univ., Comp. Sci. Dept., 215 Lindley Hall, Bloomington, IN 47405-4101; email: dswise@

May 16-18

* STOC'93: 25th Annual ACM Symposium on the Theory of Computing 1993

San Diego, Calif. Sponsor: SIGACT. Contact David S. Johnson, AT&T Bell Labs, 600 Mountain Ave., Rm. 2D-150, Murray Hill, NJ 07974; (908) 582-4742; email: csnet:

May 17-18*

* 3d Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Debugging

San Diego, Calif. Sponsor: SIGPLAN, SIGOPS, incoop.w/ONR. Contact Joan Francioni, Univ. of SW Louisiana, Dept. of Comp. Sci. Lafayette, LA 70504; (318) 231-6602; email:

May 17-21*

* SIGMETRICS 93: Conference on Measurement and Modelling of Computer Systems

Santa Clara, Calif. Sponsor: SIGMETRICS. Contact Susan Owicki, Digital Equipment Corp., Systems Research Center, 130 Lytton Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301; (415) 853-2270; email:

May 19-21*

* ACM Symposium in Solid Modeling Foundations and CAD/CAM Applications

Montreal, Canada. Sponsor: SIGGRAPH. Contact Joshua Turner, Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst., CII-7015, Troy, NY 12180; (518) 276-8713; email:
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