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Calendar Canada.

Apr. 25-27: Conference: Palliative and end-of-life care; Humber College Corporate and Continuing Education and Ontario Palliatiave Care Association; Toronto; 416.675.6622 x4020

Apr. 27: Workshop: Addressing child and youth bullying; Safeguards Children's Services Training; Toronto; 905.889.5030

Apr. 27-30 Learn crucial verbal intervention skills and prevent crisis situations; Crisis Prevention institute; St. John NB; 1.800.558.8976

April 30; Boundaries and Boundary Violations led by Mary Lou Fassel and Paula Klein; Leading Edge Seminars; Toronto; 416.964:1133

Apr. 30-May 1: Transitions conference, sharing and shaping; Erinoak and Bloorview MacMillan and Cochrane Temiskaming Children's Treatment Centre and Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre; Toronto; 416.425.3851

May 1-3: Convention: Catholic Health Care Association, Halifax,

May 2-6: Seminar: Dispute resolution skills; Industrial Relations Centre; Kingston; 613.533.6628

May 3-5: Seminar: Collaborating for group ingenuity; Industrial Relations Centre. Queen's University: Kingston; [E]

May 6: HOW can I Forgive You? led by Janice Abrahms Spring; Leading Edge Seminars; Toronto; 416.964.1133

May 6-8: Conference: Therapeutic conversations: Brief Therapy Training Centers-International and the Hincks-Dellcrest Institute Toronto:

May 7: Workshop: Skills of supervision and staff management led by Lawrence Shulman; Leading Edge Seminars; Toronto; 416.964.1133

May 10-14: Workshop Community development; ICA Associates: Edmonton; [E]

May 13-14: Marital Therapy led by John Gottman, Leading Edge Seminars; Ottawa; 416.964.1133

May 13-15: Conference: Community Foundations Quebec City: Quebec

May 16-19: National Primary HeAlth Care Conference Winnipeg;

May 18-19: Conference: Investing Children London, ON 519.433.8996

May 19-20: Workshop Facilitating conciliation; ICA Associates; Vancouver [E]

May 25: Conference, Montreal, Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development, in collaboration with the Society for Prevention Research, 514-343-6111 x2566

May 26-28: Conference: Canadian Association for Health Services and Policy Research; Universite de Montreal and McGill University; Montreal;

May 26-28: Annual meeting: Society for Prevention Research; Quebec City,

May 26-29: National Conference: First Nations Child & Family Services;

May 27: Workshop: Working successfully with clients who self-sabotage, led by Dusty Miller; Leading Edge Seminars; Toronto; 416.964.1133

May 27-29: Conference: Manitoba Child Care Association; Winnipeg;

May 28: Collaboration and Partnership in justice system, London, Ontario 1-800-668-9999

May 29-30: Conference, Canadian Disability Studies Association; Winnipeg;

May 31-June 1-3: 'Alcohol and Drug Training for Youth Practitioners', Presenters: Dr. Ray Baker, M.D., Dr. Bayla Schechter, M.D., Richmond, British Columbia. For a complete brochure contact Jack Hirose and Associates Inc., 1-800-456-5424.

May 31-June 3: Dr. Ian Martin., M.D., Dr. Ross Laird, Ph.D, Stephanie Saville, M.A. and Rob Axsen, B.A, Richmond, British Columbia. For a complete brochure contact Jack Hirose and Associates Inc., 1-800-456-5424,

June 1-4: Conference Prior learning assessment: First Nations Technical Institute Belleville. ON; 800-267-0637

June 2-5: Conference: Come back to the core Conflict Resolution Network Canada Kitchener-Waterloo

June 2-5: Conference & AGM: Community Living Ontario: Niagara Falls ON 416.447.4348

June 3: Workshop: Intervention in death loss of children led by Therese Rando; Non-Traditional Approaches to Grief and Mourning; Leading Edge Seminars; Toronto; 416.964.1133

June 3-5: Children's environmental issues conference, Social Planning Council of Winnipeg, [E]

June 4; Resilience, The Power of Mindsets led by James Brooks Leading Edge Seminars; Toronto; 416.964.1133

June 4: Resilience Re-Thinking Children's lives led by Sam Goldstein; Leading Edge Seminars; Toronto; 416.964.1133

June 4-6: Advocacy Assembly and Annual General Meeting, Toronto, Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care,

June 4-6: Conference, Canadian Consortium for Collaborative Mental Health Care, Vancouver;

June 5-8: National Conference: Saskatoon; Canadian Association of Social Workers, [E]

June 6-8: Conference: Community care: Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres; Toronto;

June 6-11: Seminar: Change management; Industrial Relations Centre Kingston; 613.533.6628

June 9-12: National Aboriginal Injury Prevention Conference Winnipeg; National First Nations and Inuit Injury Prevention Working Group;

June 10-11: Workshop: Facilitated planning; CA Associates Toronto 416.691.2316

June 13-16: Canadian Public Health Association Annual Conference St. John's NL.

June 14-18: Annual Sexuality Conference Office of Open Learning, University of Guelph;

June 14-18: Summer Institute: Management and community development; Concordia University; Montreal; 514-848-2424 x3956

June 18: Treatment of Anger led by Donald Meichenbaum; Ottawa; Leading Edge Seminars; 416.964.1133

June 22-23: Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training; Waterloo; Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo Regional Branch and Wellington-Dufferin branch,

July 7-11: National Conference: Canadian Mental Health Association and the Schizophrenia Society of Canada; Saint John, N.B.;

July 5-7: 'Secrets of Therapeutic Success'--3 Day Summer Intensive, (enrollment limited to 130). How to Overcome Resistance and Deliver State of the Art Treatment, Presenter Dr. David Burns, M.D. Kelowna, British Columbia. For a complete brochure contact Jack Hirose and Associates Inc., 1-800-456-5424,

July 20-23: Learn crucial verbal intervention skills and prevent crisis situations Crisis Prevention Institute; Calgary AB; 1.800.558.8976

July 8-9: Workshop: Group facilitation; ICA Associates; Toronto; 416.691.2316

July 11-14: Conference: International Society for Third Sector Research; Toronto; [E]

July 13-16: Learn crucial verbal intervention skills and prevent crisis situations; Crisis Prevention Institute; St. John's Nfld; 1.800.558.8976

July 21-25: International Conference, Canadian Angelman Syndrome Society, Edmonton,

Aug. 5-7: Conference: International Institute fat Restorative Practice; Vancouver

Aug. 6-8: Conference on Disability. and Multicultural Perspectives; Toronto; African Canadian Disability. Community Association;

Aug. 16-19: Conference: Resilient development in child welfare; Ottawa; Child Welfare League of Canada;

Aug. 16-20: Workshop: Community development, ICA Associates; Toronto; 416.691.2316

Sept. 24-25: Community Health Nurses Initiatives Group Conference; Toronto; Canada First Stage Enterprises [E] (

Sept. 8-10: Disabled Peoples' International World Summit Winnepeg; Disabled Peoples' International; [E]

Sept. 12-14: North American Conference on Shaken Baby Syndrome: Montreal QC;

Sept. 16-17: Workshop: Facilitating conciliation; ICA Associates; Toronto; 416.6691.2316

Sept. 19-24: Seminar: Collaborating for group ingenuity; Industrial Relations Centre, Queen's University, Kingston; Email
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