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Caldera Establishes Office in Taiwan in Response To The Embedded Market's Demand For DR-DOS

DR-DOS and DR-WebSpyder Provide Industry's Thinnest Operating System and

Graphical Internet Access Clients for OEMs of Compact Embedded Devices

OREM, Utah and TAIPEI - COMPUTEX - June 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Caldera(R) today opened the doors of the company's office in Taipei, Taiwan, established in response to an increased demand for DR-DOS and DR-WebSpyder by OEMs of compact embedded devices. The timing of Caldera's latest releases of DR-DOS and DR- WebSpyder corresponds with a dramatic decrease in the cost of x86 chips, creating a sharp increase in demand for Caldera's DOS-based embedded solutions.

"Recent changes in the market have increased the usage of 386 and 486 chips in compact embedded devices," said Roger Gross, General Manager of Caldera's Digital Research System Group. "Embedded OEMs are choosing DR-DOS and DR-WebSpyder as their operating system and graphical Web browser because these products are extensions of traditional DOS, which has a proven track record of being a stable, low-cost, low-system requirement solution for embedded devices."

Irrana Huang, Senior Manager of Sales at Caldera's Taipei office, added, "Providing local language technical support and face-to-face sales support will increase Caldera's effectiveness in meeting the needs of embedded OEMs throughout Asia."

The new Caldera Taipei office employs two industry veterans, Irrana Huang and Henry Huang, known for their extensive work with DR-DOS-based products from the original Digital Research, Inc. and Novell, Inc. Their experience allows Caldera to jump into the aggressive Taiwan embedded system market.

Just three weeks ago, on May 11, Caldera began shipping DR-WebSpyder(R) 2.0, a customizable, high-performance Web browser for embedded OEM devices. The combination of DR-WebSpyder running on DR-DOS(R) creates the industry's most compact graphical Internet access client. OEMs are utilizing DR-WebSpyder in solutions that include interactive information kiosks, network computers, Internet set-top boxes, hand-held data entry devices, point-of-sale systems and other compact embedded devices with display. Caldera also announced the availability of the DR- System Builder Kit (DR-SBK), to aid OEM's of x86-based devices to quickly customize and implement DR-WebSpyder and DR-DOS into their compact embedded devices.

"DR-WebSpyder reduces an OEM's risk and time-to-market, and increases an OEM's revenue margins by requiring fewer resources than competitive fat-clients, like Windows CE(R)," said Gross. "OEMs that use DR-WebSpyder as the browser and DR-DOS as the operating system expand their available resources with an extremely large number of experienced developers and proven development tools for DOS. This solution is perfect for the predicted explosion of embedded x86 devices."


DR-WebSpyder is a graphical, customizable Web browser and E-mail client for any current version of DOS. DR-WebSpyder supports all major Internet communication protocols (including TCP/IP, PPP, HTTP, SMTP, POP3). The product's fully-configurable HTML 3.2 browser aids developers in customizing the navigation bar, fonts, setup pages, E-mail, system defaults and more. DR-WebSpyder is fast and small -- requiring only a 386 processor with 4Mb RAM.

DR-DOS 7.02

DR-DOS has an installed base in the millions and leverages a well- developed feature set, proven developer tools and a large pool of developers familiar with its inner workings. DR-DOS 7.02 is ROMable and capable of running in FLASH RAM. This latest release includes a Year 2000 ROM BIOS fix that monitors the dates returned from the PC Real Time Clock, ensuring that the roll-over to the year 2000 occurs correctly. This release also includes multi-tasking and major enhancement to power management, including support of the Microsoft/Intel APM specification integrated with Caldera's patented idle- detection system. DR-DOS adds new life to 386/486 systems and creates an ultra-thin environment for compact embedded devices.

DR-System Builder Kit

At the foundation of Caldera DR-SBK is an aggressive OEM support program to lower the risk and decrease the time-to-market for OEMs that utilize DR-DOS and DR-WebSpyder. Caldera provides OEMs with support, training and consultancy services, with a pricing model that allows for flexibility in selecting DR-DOS and DR-WebSpyder components for embedded use. DR-SBK includes redistribution kits, printed and on-line documentation and OEM tools for both DR-WebSpyder and DR-DOS, plus the kernel source code for DR-DOS.

Availability & Pricing

DR-DOS 7.02 began shipping on March 16 and is available for individual and OEM usage. The pricing model begins at US$29 for a single copy of the entire DR-DOS system and aggressively scales to component-based pricing for OEMs. DR-WebSpyder began shipping today, May 11, and is available for individual and OEM usage. The pricing model begins at US$49 for a single copy and scales to meet the needs of OEMs of all sizes. Evaluation copies of DR-DOS 7.02 and a DR- WebSpyder 2.0 demonstration may be downloaded for free from The DR-System Builder Kit (DR-SBK) is available immediately for US$500.

Contact Information

Contact Caldera's Taipei office by calling 886-2-2747-8800, extension 232 or Caldera's United States-based headquarters at (888) GO-DR-DOS (463-7367) or (801) 765-4999, send E-mail to "," and visit Caldera's Web site at

Caldera designs, develops and markets a line of operating system and networking technologies, including DR-DOS, DR-WebSpyder and OpenLinux. DR-DOS and DR-WebSpyder provide OEMs with low-memory, low-cost requirement, x86-based solutions that connect to the Internet, intranet services and networks. OpenLinux products utilize technologies created on the Internet by developers around the world, including the popular Linux kernel originated by Linus Torvalds in 1991. Caldera(R), Inc. was founded by Bryan Sparks in October 1994 as a start-up venture funded by Ray Noorda, former CEO of Novell(R), Inc. Based in Orem, Utah, the company also has product development offices in England and Germany. Visit Caldera at, call Caldera at (888) GO-DR-DOS (463-7367), (888) GO-LINUX (465-4689), or (801) 765-4888; or send E-mail to

Caldera is a registered trademark; and OpenLinux, DR-DOS, DR-WebSpyder, DR-System Builder Kit and DR-SBK are trademarks of Caldera, Inc. All other products, services, companies and publications are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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