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Cakie quickie.

1 Take a ready-made 25cm sponge flan case (you can get them for 82p at Asda) and use a 20cm metal cake ring to cut the edges of the flan ring away. Discard them. Now you have a circle of sponge. Use a long sharp knife to cut the sponge through the middle, to make two thin circles of sponge.

2 Place one circle back inside the cake ring and drizzle with Drambuie. Cut 8-12 strawberries in half and arrange them, cut-side out, around the edge of the cake ring. Pile more strawberries or mixed berries in the middle, so they don't go higher than the edge of the ring.

3 Whip 450ml double cream with the seeds from one vanilla pod. Pile the cream over the berries, then use a palette knife to press it down and create a flat top, level with the top of the ring. Place the second ring of sponge over the top.

4 Warm the outside of the cake ring with a hot cloth, so the cream doesn't stick to it, then lift off. Dust with icing sugar and mixed berries. To see our video of how to make this cake, go to corgi cookie Give your home-baked biscuits a right royal edge with these limited-edition cookie cutters, PS2 at Sainsbury's.


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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 5, 2016
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