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Caipo Automazione Industraile S.R.L.

Caipo Filopiu Core Spun Yarn

The core spun yarn device meets the market demand for the direct, high-quality insertion of any type of filament into the yarn during the spinning process. The application of Caipo Filopiu guarantees perfect coverage with any kind of elastomer for the production of elasticized yarns, and the insertion of any kind of rigid thread (including metallic) for the production of high performance technical yarns. The main features are given below:

Optimal coverage is achieved by perfect centering of the elastomer at the proper insertion angle.

Electronic command of the unwinding speed.

Pre-tensioning of the elastomer can be set electronically and is automatically co-ordinated with production speed.

Simple and intuitive system regulation through the keypad of the electronic control unit facilitates rapid changes in articles and the production of multiple samples with different yarn tensions.

Caipo Filopiu is equipped with a wide range of accessories such as:

Break sensors.

Stop roving motion device.

Lift device.

Special spool supports.

Guaranteed scale.

Double sliver alignment guide.

Caipo Colorpiu Injection Color Slub

Caipo presents the innovative new Colorpiu device for the fancy yarn spinning and slub yarn sector.

The Caipo Colorpiu device offer new and patented coaxial blocking command system, which makes it possible to produce yarns with colored slubs as the direct output of spinning machines.

Two brushless motors controlled by the CESY (CAIPO EASY SLUB YARN) provide coaxial blocking to make independent, but synchronized dosing possible, in order to control the quantity of fibers drawn from the card sliver for the base thread and the card sliver for the colored effect.

This leads to significant saving in production costs, particularly since insertions of colored effects into finished yarns are no longer required.

Main technical characteristics are given as follows:

Draft can be set and controlled independently for the base roving and the roving for the colored effect. These parameters are set through the User Interface (UI) instead of the traditional changing of spinning machine pulleys.

High-powered diagnostics record all events and errors for each connected machine over the previous 30 days of operation.

Telediagnostics transmit diagnostic data through the internet to a remote server (Caipo) for accelerated problem identification and solution.

Colorpiu uses CESY, the new object-based vector programming language that can be used to define the following programmable feature,

Profile of the desired effect (slub, spacing, color insertion),

Start and end ramps for the effect in order to create any colored effect with a minimum length equal to the fiber length itself.

Colorpiu guarantees perfect program reproducibility over time.

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