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This is a mistake. Art is self-alteration. I keep boxes and put things in them, and give them away almost immediately or send them to places, because I am searching, you see, for this emptiness all the time. Living or dead, that's the big question. I like sounds together, but I like them anarchically. . . together. We need the glass and we need the milk. HOW TO DROP AN EGG INTO A GLASS OF WATER WITHOUT BREAKING EITHER.

1. Place glass on edge of table.

2. Place pie-plate on glass. Make certain it is centered.

3. Place toilet-paper tube on pie-plate. Make certain it is centered.

4. Place egg in top of tube, so that it is standing up, so to speak.

5. Step on straw of broom, bringing stick back away from glass ... egg


6. Aim carefully at center of set-up.

7. Let go of stick, so that it hits pie-plate.

THE MEANS OF THINKING ARE EXTERIOR TO THE MIND. The meat is not only not good as animal fat but the chickens have all been ruined with those hormones. Question: "With all the chaos in the world, why do you make more?" Answer: "Perhaps when you go back out into the world it won't seem so chaotic anymore." Chopping our way through the forest trying for our own sakes to give the impression that our visit never took place. Nothing is not a pleasure if one is irritated, but suddenly it is a pleasure and then more and more it is not irritating (and more and more and slowly). Let no one imagine that in owning a recording he has the muse. The very practice of music is a celebration that we own nothing. Composers are spoken of as having ears for music which generally means that nothing presented to their ears can be heard by them. Their ears are walled in with sounds of their own imagination.

to sober and quiet the minD

                    so that It
                        in aCcord
                     what haPpens
                     the worLd
                     around It
                        rathEr than

Question: "What are divine influences?" Answer: "All the things that happen in creation. There's nothing that isn't." Circumstances have made me somewhat inhuman but I have a moment now to say I think of you and your work and wish you well. Thank you for giving the tapes you sent but I don't have a machine to play them on. Question: "What is beautiful about this traffic jam?" Answer: "The only reason you think it's not beautiful is because you want to be somewhere else."

Charles Amirkhanian, Larry Austin, David Cope, Brad Garton, Daniel Goode, Jonathan Harvey, Ben Johnston, Alison Knowles, Jonathan Kramer, Joan La Barbara, Paul Lansky, Robert Morris, David Mahler, Pauline Oliveros, Jann Pasler, David Revill, Richard Swift, Richard Teitelbaum

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Title Annotation:In Memoriam John Cage
Author:Cage, John
Publication:Perspectives of New Music
Date:Jun 22, 1993
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