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Cafe Melba.

Located in a verdant setting in the Goodman Arts Centre, Cafe Melba is a free-standing open building that takes on an inviting inner glow after sunset. The 1,500-sq ft building is described by designphase dba's Joris Angevaare as an example of modern Australian vernacular, with tall windows opening onto a patio shaded by ancient Angsana trees. Coffee, snacks and informal meals are served throughout the day and into the evening.

Daylight filters through 13-ft high timber louvered windows. The sophisticated rustic theme is repeated inside, with oiled timber floors, exposed wood trusses and earth-tone fabrics. Raw-finished concrete that forms the base of the bar is topped by reclaimed timber.

The sloping roof extends outward around the structure. The overhangs are fitted with dimmable waterproof 2,700K LED strip lights, 2.5 watts per ft, and surface-mounted 14.4-W LED directional downlights, also on dimmer control. Inside, the ceiling is divided into a grid pattern with similar dimensions as the overhang. These directional downlights are installed in parallel rows of two and three within the illuminated ceiling grids in combination with recessed fixed dimmable 14-W LED downlights. Along the front of the restaurant, surface-mounted 14.4-W spotlights bring extra visual appeal to the outward-facing facade.

Black lacquer metal pendant fixtures with white on the inside of the shade--hung with stainless steel suspension cable--contribute a level of reflectance along the length of the restaurant. They house 27-W E27 compact fluorescent lamps.

"We wanted to introduce a personal level of light to the space that would also beam subtle illumination directed onto the diners and the dining tables," says Angevaare. "The selection was a style familiar to the diners, only larger. It's a floor-mounted version of an adjustable desk lamp many of them use in their offices," he says. The black-finish fixture uses a 60-W clear incandescent lamp.

"The positioning of the Cafe Melba building and its layers of light in the evening create a calming environment. It's become very popular, especially for families who can leave the busy pace of Singapore behind them for a few enjoyable hours together here," Angevaare says.

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Publication:LD+A Magazine
Date:Apr 1, 2014
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