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Cadets program rich in history.

I truly enjoyed the story on the formation of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets and the commentary on the program ("Air Cadets Take Flight," Volume 13, Issue 1). I hope to see similar information and stories on both Royal Canadian Army Cadets and Royal Canadian Sea Cadets/Navy League Cadets.

For many serving CF members, their actual 'military career' started in the cadet system, as noted on your air cadet article. I find it very interesting to see that the army cadet movement, the oldest in Canada, which dates back to 1861, began in the defence of the colony and that the program of today, while not for the defence of the nation, still embodies the history, ethos, and principals of the military and her traditions. Today's cadets travel the world and get to experience a life that many cannot.

Equally fitting is the direct support the entire movement receives from DND, which, as far as I've seen, is unparalleled by other nations hosting a military 'youth' program.

I look forward to reading other articles on the cadet program and hope to see them in subsequent issues.

Donald E. Caissie

Maple Ridge, BC
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Author:Caissie, Donald E.
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Date:Mar 1, 2006
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