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Cacophony of displeasures.

The reactions regarding the European Commission's Progress Report are divided and this was expected because the language used in the documents leaves room for various comments, analyzes Lindita Sejdiu. According to her, the thing that leaves a bitter taste is the nonchalant attitude of the government towards Brussels' criticisms and the lack of critical pressure for this attitude and losing the sense of cooperation increased the opposition's criticism towards the government's conjuncture. The worse thing is that not even one dignified critic was found in the Albanian camp.

"Albanian politicians waste their term of office on completely irrelevant issues which is perhaps the best way to avoid reality. However, at the end, no Albanian voted for this kind of interethnic relations and nobody was elected for us to receive such reports. For this reason, citizens should speak out before politicians because they are the most accurate detectors of flaws and needs. The civil association should also get engaged and abandon the logic of dealing "great issues and to get down to earth to see the real problems. The sooner they "wake up" the better for all because Europe does not want citizens that do not criticize their governments," Sejdiu concludes. (end)
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Title Annotation:Fakti
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
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Date:Nov 12, 2010
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