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Cabrillo College Mentor Handbook.

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This document details the goals and characteristics of the faculty Mentor Program at Cabrillo Community College (California). The program is designed to facilitate the orientation and adaptation of new faculty members to the role of community college instructor. Experienced faculty members act as mentors to new tenure-track faculty. Mentors are full-time instructors and are usually from the same department or division as the mentees. The mentors and mentees are teamed in a non-supervisory, non-evaluative relationship. Mentor guidelines include suggestions for the planning meeting, which should reflect considerations regarding contracts, grade reports, faculty evaluations, instructor absence procedures, payroll procedures, and other issues. The document also details guidelines for optional class visits to the mentee's classroom and visits by the mentee to the mentor's classroom. The guidelines encourage the mentor not to make comments about the mentee's class unless asked to do so, and to approach necessary criticism indirectly and in a non-threatening manner. The document includes a checklist of questions the mentor should ask herself/himself regarding the observation of the instructor. Guidelines also offer suggestions for the mentee's visit to the mentor's classroom. The paper recommends periodic contact throughout the semester and includes a list of things to discuss with mentees. (Author/NB)

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Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Dec 18, 2000
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