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Cabot launches stock market newsletter.

Launching an investment newsletter in a bear market has to be a rare undertaking, but that's just what The Cabot Heritage Corporation has done with last month's launch of Cabot's Top 10.

The weekly (at $74/year charter rate) targets individual investors and brokers and tracks the market's top ten stocks each week.

"We've segmented the market, surveyed our current customers as well as potential customers and discovered that what investors want is unbiased, independent stock research," said Carlton Lutts, editor and founder of The Cabot Heritage Corporation. "No hype, just black and white charts, and fundamental and technical research of well-positioned companies."

Cabot's Top 10 is based on a proprietary software designed to screen over 8,000 stocks in the market each week, then rank them by momentum in relation to current market performance. From the 8,000 stocks, the top ten are selected and then profiled as the week's top picks.

Although the stocks are selected by the software, Lutts said, the Cabot analysts use their expertise to evaluate each one and interpret the numbers and charts into plain English. In addition, the analysts will warn investors which, if any, of the top ten stocks to avoid.

"But be aware--Cabot's Top 10 is not an advisory newsletter," Lutts said. "We won't be following these stocks from week to week and giving subscribers our opinions on them. This is research. Once subscribers receive their issue we leave it up to them to determine which stocks belong in their portfolio.

"The prices and RP lines are right through Friday's close as the letter goes out the following Monday," Lutts continued. "So, it's very timely. We think it will be a big help to subscribers who like to do some of their own research."

It's delivered in newsletter format and sent via e-mail to all subscribers, Cabot's Top 10 provides investors with a one-page brief on each of the week's stocks. The brief includes a comprehensive growth chart and the analysis.

Launching in a bear market

Asked about the timing of his launch, Lutts told NL/NL. "It may seem strange that we are launching Cabot's Top 10 right now in the depths of a bear market. But we think we are in a bottoming area and that subscribers who come aboard right now will be well rewarded."

Lutts founded Cabot Heritage in 1970 with the launch of The Cabot Market Letter (24x, $335/year). In 1999, he added the weekly Cabot's Internet Stock of the Week ($297/year).

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Publication:The Newsletter on Newsletters
Date:Oct 3, 2002
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