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Cablevision Makes New Offer to News Corp.

Byline: Joe Tetreault

UPDATE: Fox Calls Cablevision's Offer a "Publicity Stunt"

Rather thank making real progress, Fox and Cablevision have taken their negotiations public, with Fox sending out a terse statement turning down Cablevision's offer of earlier today. Saying Cablevision seeks the package discount without choosing the package, Fox tabled any suggestion of taking Cablevision's latest proposal.

Fox' full statement is here (


Variety's Cynthia Littleton ( is reporting that Cablevision has made the first public move in the tense negotiations to get Fox stations back on the air in New York and Philadelphia. Cablevision is willing to enter into a one-year agreement with News Corp to retransmit the three stations presently blacked out to Cablevision subscribers at the same rates Time Warner Cable presently pays.

According to Littleton, Time Warner enjoys what she calls "a favored-nations clause to ensure that Time Warner Cable does not pay a higher rate for the stations than any other subscription TV provider." Fox has yet to issue official word on Cablevision's proposal.0x20 The two sides had sought a three year contract prior to the most recent breakdown in negotiations.

The stations have been blacked out since October 15th when the retransmission contract between News Corp and Cablevision expired.0x20 This is the third such blackout for Cablevision in the past calendar year.

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We'll continue to update coverage of this story as tonight's World Series opener approaches.0x20 Maury Brown will be reporting live from San Francisco for Game 1 and will have the latest developments from on-site.

Click here ( to read the full release from Cablevision.


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Author:Tetreault, Joe
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Date:Oct 27, 2010
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