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Cabletron to Deliver Application-Aware Remote Access Solutions Supporting E1 R2 Digital Trunk Signaling.

ROCHESTER, NH--(BUSINESS WIRE)--September 7, 1999--

R2 Allows Broader Deployment of Cabletron's Advanced SSA 700

Remote Access Concentrators in International Markets

Cabletron Systems (NYSE:CS) today announced support for R2 digital trunk signaling - a standard common to channelized E1 networks - in its next-generation SmartSwitch Access (SSA) 700 remote access concentrators. R2 signaling support now allows international customers without access to ISDN/PRI digital trunk services to cost-effectively deploy high-speed V.90 modem access over existing channelized E1 services with Cabletron's SSA 700 solutions.

Cabletron is the first in the industry to deliver end-to-end, application-aware remote access across dial-up PPP connections, thereby enabling advanced security policies and accounting in support of business communications across intranet, extranets and the Internet. In addition to providing visibility into actual IP application "flows" that are driving remote access usage in enterprise and small to mid-size service provider environments, the SSA 700:

- Allows Layer 4 security and accounting policies to be applied in real-time on a per-flow, per-user basis

- Allows organizations to deploy secure, accountable extranet access to increase revenue opportunities and improve business processes

- Allows organizations to more effectively control remote access resource utilization and plan for future infrastructure deployment

In addition to providing granular visibility into business-critical IP applications that drive remote access usage, Cabletron's SSA 700 family is fully compatible with both T1/E1 ISDN PRI and channelized E1 services, allowing broader deployment of advanced dial access services in international markets.

"Customers in many regions of the world cannot order ISDN PRI service because their telecommunications infrastructures don't support it," explained Bill Burger, Cabletron's senior marketing director of service provider solutions. "However, businesses in these countries can now take advantage of existing channelized E1 telco services to deploy V.90 (56 Kbps) modem dial access using Cabletron's SSA 700 solution. R2 support is another example of Cabletron's commitment to providing solutions for service providers worldwide."

The SSA supports up to 48/60 simultaneous ISDN and V.90 56 Kbps modem sessions across one or two ISDN PRI T1/E1/R2 lines. At $250 per modem port for the stackable dual PRI/T1 model, and $233 per port for dual PRI/E1/R2, the SSA solutions are priced as much as 50% below competitors' offerings. Cabletron's SSA 700 solutions are also available as High-Speed Interface Modules (HSIMs) for the SmartSwitch 2000, 6000 and 9000 platforms.

Pricing and Availability

Cabletron's SSA 700 solutions are currently shipping to end users, service providers and channel partners. R2 support for selected countries will be available in October 1999. -0-

Part Number Description U.S. List Availability

HSIM- Remote Access Concentrator $8,495 Now
SSA 710 for SmartSwitch 2000/6000/9000,
 1 ISDN PRI/T1, 24 V.90 digital
 modems, WPIM slot for optional
 second PRI

HSIM- Remote Access Concentrator $11,495 Now
SSA 710-48 for SmartSwitch 2000/6000/9000,
 2 ISDN PRI/T1, 48 V.90 digital

HSIM- Remote Access Concentrator for $8,495 Now
SSA 720 SmartSwitch 2000/6000/9000,
 1 ISDN PRI/E1, 24 V.90 digital
 modems, WPIM slot for optional
 second PRI

HSIM- Remote Access Concentrator for $13,495 Now
SSA 720-60 SmartSwitch 2000/6000/9000,
 2 ISDN PRI/E1, 60 V.90 digital

SSA 710-48 Stackable Remote Access $11,995 Now
 Concentrator, 2 ISDN PRI/T1,
 48 V.90 digital modems,
 redundant power

 SSA 720-60 Stackable Remote Access $13,995 Now
 Concentrator, 2 ISDN PRI/E1,
 60 V.90 digital modems,
 redundant power

WPIM-RT1 T1 WAN Port Interface Module
 for HSIM-SSA 710, providing $495 Now
 additional ISDN PRI/T1 interface

WPIM-RE1 E1 WAN Port Interface Module
 for HSIM-SSA 720, providing $495 Now
 additional ISDN PRI/E1 interface

SPEC-CSM-NT(1) SPECTRUM Connection Services
 and Policy Manager $3,995 (1) Now

(1) SPECTRUM CSM is currently bundled free with every SSA 700.

About Cabletron Systems

Cabletron Systems, a premier provider of world-class networking solutions, delivers reliable network access and communications to millions of people worldwide. With scaleable products designed for Global 1000 enterprise networks, service providers and small businesses, Cabletron is the e-business communications specialist in the Internet economy. Listed on the New York Stock Exchange for more than a decade under the symbol CS, Cabletron is an S&P 500 index company. Cabletron's web site can be reached on the Internet at
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Sep 7, 1999
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