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Cabinetmaker cleans up its act.


Wayneco Kitchens of York, Pa., is a family-owned manufacturer of wood and Formica cabinets and vanities which creates a great deal of hand sanding dust. When the Occupational Health and Safety Administration's wood dust exposure limits were announced, Wayne Meyer, president of Wayneco, decided to look more closely at his operation. "I could see the dust," admitted Meyer.

Meyer called in an independent consultant who confirmed the need for dust control. Next, he contacted Resource Conservation Group, a Lancaster, Pa.-based systems design and installation contractor which specializes in wood dust problems.

The problem area was a finish sanding operation on door fronts, frames, cabinets, and shelves. "I could have waited until 1992 (when OSHA-mandated engineering controls must be in place)," Meyer said, "but I didn't want my people to have to wear masks." Steve Cocks of Resource Conservation Group recommended a 28,000 cfm dust collection system from Scientific Dust Collections of Milwaukee, Wis., to meet the OSHA specifications.

"The dust collector is connected to a surface sanding exhaust plenum designed for OSHA compliance. The sanders operate up against a 40-foot-long, double-sided side draft sanding plenum. The plenum and dust collector are sized for 12 operators, but only seven stations are being used right now," Meyer said.

The system has been evaluated by Wayneco's insurance carrier for both dust (5mg/[m.sup.3]) and noise. It passed on both counts. The Scientific Dust Collectors Fabric collector is operating at a 21-to-1 air-to-cloth ratio, collecting two 55-gallon drums of sanding dust every 40 hours, with a pressure drop across the filters of less than 1 inch.

Wayneco's 70 employees are breathing cleaner air. "It was either do it or get out of business," said Meyer. "Some companies have just point blank shut their doors because they didn't want to spend the money. But I couldn't. These people are family."

PHOTO : Employees of Wayneco Kitchens are breathing cleaner air since the installation of a dust collection system from Scientific Dust Collectors.
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Title Annotation:Wayneco Kitchens of York, Pa.
Publication:Wood & Wood Products
Date:Apr 1, 1991
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