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Cabin fever.

Cidade do Sexo (City of Sex), the brainchild of Igor de Vetyemy, is still only on paper. Yet is has Rio de Janeiro in an uproar. Praised by Rio Mayor Cesar Maia, the architecturally significant complex would be divided into modules, each one dedicated to some aspect of the reproductive act: sex education study centers, a research area on sexually transmitted diseases, a sex museum and small private rooms for sexual encounters.

If he can find financial backers, Vetyemy says he can build the whole thing for US$120 million, creating 1,000 jobs in the process. "Rio is very strongly connected to sex but nobody knows how to deal with that," he says."The City of Sex would give us a chance as a society to clear things up and enjoy good sexual health."

Judging from reactions so far, he might be waiting a while to get started on construction. "The City of Sex would turn Rio into a sexual supermarket and, worse, lead to more sexually transmitted disease," says Luis Roberto Londres, director of Rio's Clinica Sao Vicente hospital. The biggest issue has been the hook-up cabins, which offer all of the apparatuses need to achieve all 64 sex positions described in the Kama Sutra.

"I don't believe the project will bring more tourists because women are the ones who decide vacation destinations, and I'm sure women won't like this idea," says Alfredo Lopes, president of the Brazilian Hotel Industry Association. Another sticking point is the location Vetyemy suggests: Copacabana, a neighborhood already infested at night with prostitutes and cross-dressers.

Even Rio's hookers think it's a bad idea. "Confining everything that has to do with sex into a single place is an old-fashioned idea," says Gabriele Leite, a former prostitute and current president of non-governmental organization Davida, an activist group for sex workers in Rio.
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Author:Galanternick, Mery
Publication:Latin Trade
Date:Mar 1, 2007
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