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Cabbie nicked my pounds 20 and left Mark bleeding in road; Driver's behaviour was 'disgusting'.


FURIOUS Angela Vaughan watched in disbelief after a cabbie drove off leaving her disabled nephew lying injured on the ground.

Fourteen-year-old Mark Anderson was left cut and bruised when he fell out of his wheelchair after being dropped off by the black cab.

But his aunt Angela claims instead of helping her get the teen back up the driver pulled off - taking a pounds 20 note she had just handed him for a pounds 3 fare.

Today Mrs Vaughan, from Luxmore Road, Anfield, branded the incident 'disgusting' and said she wanted to prevent anyone else being treated the same way.

She said: "Mark is registered blind and is in a wheelchair because he also has cerebral palsy, but he's quite a big lad.

"He goes to the blind college in Wavertree and they finish at 1pm on a Friday so I went to pick him up and take him for lunch.

"We got a taxi home, it was only a short way. When we got to my mum's in Anfield, where Mark lives, the driver helped me get Mark out of the taxi.

"But it had been snowing and the roads were slippery and he hadn't put the wheelchair brake on. Mark slipped and fell out of his chair. He hit his head."

But Mrs Vaughan says instead of stopping to help, the taxi drove away, together with the change she was owed.

She added: "It's not about the money, it's about him not helping my nephew. A 70-year-old man had to help me.

"My nephew was devastated. I think it's disgusting. It puts me off getting a taxi in future and Mark is scared."

Hackney cabs are licensed by the city council.

A council spokesman said: "We'll try to investigate this matter if there is a formal complaint but it will be difficult as this lady didn't manage to get the licence plate.

"Our advice is always try to get the number.

"If the incident has indeed happened as it was described then the driver may have committed two offences - one of overcharging and the other is that they have a duty of care to ensure passengers are safe when they alight.

"If anyone has an issue with hackney carriages they can call 0151-225 3480."

"It puts me off getting a taxi in future and Mark is scared."



DEVASTATED: Angela Vaughan with her nephew Mark Anderson who is now scared to travel by cab Picture: TONY KENWRIGHT
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 20, 2006
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