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Cab driver saved me from street attackers; STUDENT WAS JUMPED ON BY SIX MEN IN STREET.

Byline: CRISTINA CRIDDLE ECHO Reporter @CristinaCriddle

A LIVERPOOL student was saved from being the victim of a gang-mugging by a brave black cab driver. James Nilson, 20, from Aigburth, was walking home from his friend's home in Smithdown Road when he was approached by six men of a similar age.

He was on Ullet Road, near Sefton Park, when one of the gang jumped off his bike and tried to grab James's bag.

The film production student struggled to shrug them off as they surrounded him.

But a passing cab driver pulled over and James managed to break free and get in.

He said the driver pulled out a torch, flashing it into the eyes of the would-be muggers to scare them off.

James says he wants to find the cabbie so he can thank him once more. He said: "He didn't have to do what he did - I was just lucky he showed up.

"He needs a bit of recognition for what he has done. He was just a top gent and super-duper helpful.

"I walk that route a lot and nothing like this had ever happened before - you just feel shaken up.

"I was scared but then I saw the yellow light on the top of the cab and just felt relief."

The cab driver had seen the gang farther down the road and, after seeing James walking alone, turned around to check if he was all right.


James Nilson, 20, from Aigburth

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Feb 11, 2016
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