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Cab and hood reminders.


It's real easy to damage the engine's throttle linkage and mounting bracket when you tilt or lower the small emplacement excavator's cab.

Both the linkage and bracket are connected to the driver's side of the cab's engine wall. There's not much room between them and the engine. A damaged throttle linkage means you're stuck with an engine that won't accelerate or decelerate smoothly, if at all.


To protect the linkage and bracket, have a buddy hold the other side of the cab when it's tilted forward or back. That extra help keeps the cab clear of the linkage.

Pages 4-418 through 4-432 of TM 5-2420-224-20 have the complete lowdown on how to raise and lower the cab.

Watch the Fuel Line

The excavator's fuel return line is an open target for bumps and rubs when you remove and replace the engine cover (doghouse) during checks and services.

Over time, enough bumps and rubs wear a hole in the line. You'll know something's up when the engine runs rough, won't run at all, or you smell fuel inside the cab.

You can head off those problems by lifting the cover clear of the fuel return line when you need to get at the engine.


Looking for Leaks

And while you're looking for leaks during PMCS, touch the return line where its multiple-connector mounts into the engine block. If it feels wet, the metal O-rings on each side of the connector are probably shot.

Replace them with NSN 5330-00140-7701. They're shown as Item 2 in Fig 40 of TM 5-2420-224-24P. For a tight seal, use the O-rings only once.

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