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Caan we talk?

The mainstream press just can't agree on how to handle stories that may involve closeted gay or lesbian celebrities. Case in point: In the wee hours of September 30, struggling actor Scott Caan, 23-year-old son of movie star James, was arrested along with companion Ross Porterfield for allegedly assaulting James Alleyna and friend Joshua Sher at the Firehouse, a West Hollywood, Calif., gay bar. In covering the incident, the Chicago Tribune referred to Porterfield only as Caan's nameless, genderless "date." Reuters News Service, meanwhile, went so far as to report that the altercation was "over a woman." But in his October 4 Page Six column, the New York Post's Richard Johnson spelled it all out. Reached on assignment in Egypt, the journalist defended his action this way: "When he got himself arrested for brawling in a gay bar, he outed himself. Case closed."
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Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
Date:Nov 10, 1998
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