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This spring, it was the Prague Spring festival that provided the broadest selection of pieces by Czech composers, its tendency to enrich the festival programme with contemporary music growing more apparent ever year. In 2019, audiences had the opportunity to hear premieres of works by Simon Vosecek, Ondrej Kukal, Jakub Rataj, and Jana Vorosova, while the famous Ensemble Intercontemporain performed the European premiere of Miroslav Srnka's Overheating. Like every year, there were also commissions for new pieces performed in the second round of the instrumental competition (this year in the flute and oboe categories).

Abroad, Czech music was most notably represented at the German Wittener Tage fur Neue Kammermusik festival. This year's edition saw several compositions by Martin Smolka and Ondrej Adamek, including new pieces --works for voices and percussion presented at the opening concert, Smolka's sixty-minute Vor dem Gesetz "for speaking musicians and secondary instruments" on texts by Franz Kafka and Albert Camus, or Adamek's Man Time Stone Time for four singers, objects, video, and chamber orchestra, once again reflecting the composer's interest in stones, already apparent from his a capella opera Seven Stones.

10 March 2019, Teatro Sa de Miranda, Viana do Castelo, Portugal. Martina Videnova: Requiem a Floresta Portuguesa for choir and orchestra (world premiere). Members of Coro Casa da Musica and Orquestra Sinfonica do Porto Casa da Musica, conductor: David Wyn Lloyd.

10 March 2019, Oper Koln, Cologne, Germany. Antonin Dvorak: Rusalka (premiere of a new production). Directed by: Nadja Loschky, music director: Christoph Gedschold. Following performances: 13, 16, 22, 24, 28, and 30 Mar, 3, 5, and 7 Apr 2019.

11 March 2019, Archa Theatre, Prague. Michal Nejtek: Get Ready! (world premiere). Tereza Mareckova (speaker), BERG Orchestra, conductor: Peter Vrabel.

12 March 2019, St Lawrence Church, Prague. 632nd Tuesday of Umelecka beseda. Terezie Svarcova: War das die Liebe? for flute and soprano, Marta Jirackova: The Impossibility of Strawberries, op. 69 (world premieres). Morgenstern Ensemble.

12 March 2019, Scottish Opera, Theatre Royal, Glasgow, Scotland. Leos Janacek: Katya Kabanova (premiere of a new production in co-production with Theater Magdeburg). Directed by: Stephen Lawless, music director: Stuart Stratford. Language: Czech. Following performances: 14 and 16 Mar (Theatre Royal, Glasgow), 21 and 23 Mar (Festival Theatre, Edinburgh).

18 March 2019, Suk Hall, Rudolfinum, Prague. Hommage a Alfred Brendel. Miroslav Srnka: Future Family (Czech premiere). Quatuor Diotima.

18 March 2019, Bloomsbury Theatre, London. Bedrich Smetana: Libuse (British staged premiere). Directed by: Cecilia Stinton, music director: Charles Peebles. Language: Czech.

Following performances: 20, 22, and 23 Mar 2019.

22 March 2019, Carnegie Hall, New York. Bohuslav Martinu: Juliette (The Key to Dreams) (American premiere, concert performance). American Symphony Orchestra, Bard Festival Chorale.

Directed by: James Bagwell, conductor: Leon Botstein.

23 March 2019, Staatstheater Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany. Antomn Dvorak: Rusalka (premiere of a new production). Directed by: Luise Kautz, music director: Daniel Cohen. Language: German. Following performances: 30 Mar, 4, 1 2, and 18 Apr, 10 and 26 May, 8 and 16 Jun 2019.

27 March 2019, Suk Hall, House of Music, Pardubice. Jan Jirasek: Song of David, Jan Vicar: Tempus luvenis (world premieres). Kristyna Kustkova, Veronika Kaiserova, Josef Kovacic--solos, Bonifantes Boys' Choir, Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice, conductor: Jan Misek.

2 April 2019, The Shoe Factory, Nicosia, Cyprus. Lenka Nota: Ptelea and the other Dryads for bass clarinet and piano (world premiere). George Georgiou--bass clarinet, Gergana Georgieva--piano.

3 April 2019, New Town Hall, Prague & Lichtenstein palace, Prague & Upper Square, Olomouc. Music for Sirens... micro-concerts with emergency siren test. Audiobridge from Prague to Olomouc and Back. Concept/music: Jan Trojan. Yanina Alachnovic--flute, Stepan Janousek--trombone, Miro Toth--tenor saxophone.

4 April 2019, St. Agnes Convent, Prague. Martin Kumzak: Saint Agnes (world premiere).

Michaela Srumova--soprano, Roman Janal--baritone, Capella da Camera Praga.

7 April 2019, Theater Bonn, Bonn, Germany. Leos Janacek: The Makropulos Affair (premiere of a new production in co-production with the English National Opera). Directed by: Christopher Alden, music director: Hermes Helfricht. Language: Czech. Following performances: 11 and 20 Apr, 4, 19, 26, and 31 May, 19 Jun 2019.

9 April 2019, Church of St Lawrence, Prague. Konvergence. Marek Keprt: Lehkosnovna zujmeni kdyz mizni (world premiere). Helix Trio.

10 April 2019, Municipal House, Prague. Antonin Dvorak: Rusalka Fantasy, arr. Manfred Honeck/Tomas Ille (Czech premiere). Prague Symphony Orchestra FOK, conductor: Tomas Brauner.

13 April 2019, GoteborgsOperan, Goteborg, Sweden. Bohuslav Martinu: Three Fragments from Juliette (staged premiere in collaboration with National Theatre Brno). Directed by: David Radok, music director: Marko Ivanovic. Language: French. Following performances: 18, 24, and 26 Apr, 10 and 12 May 2019.

15 and 17 April 2019, Suk Hall, The House of Music, Pardubice. Jiri Pohnan: A Moment with Astor Piazzolla for trumpet and orchestra (world premiere). Michal Chmelar--trumpet, The Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice, conductor: Stanislav Vavrinek.

16 April 2019, Reduta, Olomouc. Marek Keprt: v hlesoSnovna zMuzneni se vJini (world premiere). Marek Keprt--piano.

17 April 2019, The New Stage, National Theatre, Prague. Petr Wajsar: Tramvestie (world premiere).

Libretto: Pavel Novotny. Directed by: Marek Bures, music director: Richard Hein.

Following performances: 22 Apr, 7 and 20 May, 23 Jun 2019.

28 April 2019, Alfred ve Dvore Theatre, Prague. Lubos Mrkvicka: Quartet for Flute, Clarinet, Violin and Cello, Petr Hora: No hay banda, Jan Rosner: String Trio (world premieres). Ensemble Terrible.

1 May 2019, 11:50, Bastion XXXI, Prague. Music for Sirens... micro-concerts with emergency siren test.

Ian Mikyska: A Succession of several sounds and silences (world premiere). Tomas Mika--electric guitar, Renata Rakova, Anna Sysova--clarinet, Simon Vesely--percussion.

1 May 2019, Paralelni Polis, Prague. J-T Vesikkala Wittmacher: miniatures from Insulae, Sona Vetcha: Blue-green Colors of Light, Barry Wan Yuk Bun: The Misty Morning, Bruno Cunha: Seja marginal, seja heroi for solo bass & electronics (world premieres). Ensemble Terrible.

4 May 2019, Buhne am Park, Buhnen der Stadt Gera, Gera, Germany. Viktor Ullmann: The Emperor of Atlantis (premiere of a new production). Directed by: Kai Anne Schuhmacher, music director: Takahiro Nagasaki. Following performances: 11 and 30 May 2019, 8 Dec 201 9 at Theaterzelt Altenburg.

10 May 2019, Saalbau, Witten, Germany. Wittener Tage fur Neue Kammermusik. Martin Smolka: Stretto for six voices and four percussionists, Ondrej Adamek: Schlafen gut. Warm, for six voices and four percussionists (world premieres), n.e.s.e.v.e.n., Eklekto, conductor: Ondrej Adamek.

10 May 2019, Saalbau, Witten, Germany. Wittener Tage fur Neue Kammermusik. Martin Smolka: Vor dem Gesetz for speaking musicians with secondary instruments (world premiere). Libretto: Jin Adamek, Franz Kafka, directed by: Jiri Adamek. Ensemble Ascolta.

11 May 2019, Martinu Hall, Academy of Performing Arts, Prague. Prague Spring International Music Competition, oboe category, 2nd round. Martin Hybler: Sound-Telescope (world premiere). Performed by the twelve semi-finalists.

12 May 2019, National House of Vinohrady, Prague. Prague Spring International Music Competition, flute category, II. round. Jaroslav Pelikan: Introduzione e Tema con Variazioni (world premiere). Performed by the twelve semi-finalists.

12 May 2019, Saalbau, Witten, Germany. Wittener Tage fur Neue Kammermusik. Ondrej Adamek: Man Time Stone Time for four vocalists, objects, video and chamber orchestra (world premiere), n.e.s.e.v.e.n., WDR Sinfonieorchester, conductor: Michael Wendeberg.

15 May 2019, Chateau Breznice. Jakub Jan Ryba Festival. Jaroslav Pelikan: Trio for flute, viola and violoncello (world premiere). Eliska Hejhalova--flute, Martin Stupka--viola, Lukas Polak--violoncello.

15 May 2019, City Theatre, Jablonec nad Nisou. Lukas Sommer: Chicago Steps (world premiere). Prague Guitar Quartet.

19 May 2019, Dvorak Hall, Rudolfinum, Prague. Prague Spring. Simon Vosecek: Hypnos (world premiere). PKF--Prague Philharmonia, conductor: Ben Glassberg.

20 May 2019, National Technical Museum, Prague. Prague Spring. Ondrej Kukal: Harfenianna. Concertino for Harp and Strings Op. 55 (world premiere). Katerina Englichova--harp, Ensemble 18+, Blanka Karnetova--artistic director.

20 May 2019, Dvorana Hall, Bratislava, Slovakia. AsynChronie 2019 festival.

Petr Bakla: My Way (world premiere). Ivan Siller--piano.

21 May 2019, Dvorana Hall, Bratislava, Slovakia. AsynChronie 2019 festival. Frantisek Chaloupka: Ke xylofonii obscenniho nad vedomim v agonii. I. Danse Macabre, II. Mephisto Waltz (world premiere). Asynchronie Ensemble.

23 May 2019, Grandhotel Ambassador Narodni dum, Karlovy Vary. Jan Kucera: Concerto for piano and orchestra (world premiere). Jan Kucera--piano, Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra, conductor: Martin Lebel.

24 May 2019, Dvorak Hall, Rudolfinum, Prague. Prague Spring. Jakub Rataj: asther (world premiere). Carolina Eyck--theremin, Alzbeta Jamborova--oboe, Karel Kosarek--piano, Bennewitz Quartet.

24 May 2019, Marguerre-Saal, Theater Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany. Leos Janacek: Katya Kabanova (premiere). Directed by: Andrea Schwalbach, music director: Elias Grandy/Dietger Holm.

Language: Czech. Following performances: 26 and 31 May, 8, 13, 20, and 24 Jun 2019.

25 May 2019, Anhaltisches Theater Dessau, Dessau, Germany. Antonin Dvorak: The Devil and Kate (premiere of a new production). Directed by: Jakob Peters-Messer, music director: Elisa Gogou. Language: Czech. Following performances: 1 and 16 Jun 2019.

26 May 2019, Convent of St Agnes, Prague. Prague Spring. Jana Vorosova: Cloud Atlas (world premiere). Bohemia Saxophone Quartet, Jana Bezpalcova--accordion.

27 May 2019, DOX+, Prague. Prague Spring. Miroslav Srnka: Overheating (European premiere). Ensemble Intercontemporain, conductor: Julien Leroy.

30 May 2019, Chateau Dobris. Antonin Dvorak Music Festival. Petr Koronthaly: Suite for string orchestra (world premiere of the winning piece of the festival's 3rd composition competition).

Quattro Chamber Orchestra, conductor: Marek Stilec.

5 June 2019, 11:50 am, Johannes Kepler Grammar School, Prague. Music for Sirens... micro-concerts with emergency siren test. Martin Klusak: Mycelium (world premiere). Students of Johannes Kepler Grammar School--musical instruments, natural objects, improvised recitation.

5 June 2019, DOX+, Prague. Petr Wajsar: Algorhythm for trombone and small orchestra (world premiere). Stepan Janousek--trombone, BERG Orchestra, conductor: Peter Vrabel.

5 June 2019, The House of the Lords of Kunstat and Husa na provazku Theatre, Brno. Ondrej Stochl: Zivy motyl for soprano and chamber orchestra, Mario Buzzi: Kryptadia aneb co se neveslo do Bartose (world premieres). Irena Troupova--soprano, Arnost Goldflam, Mariana Chmelarova, Ivana Hlouzkova--recitation and singing, Brno Contemporary Orchestra, conductor: Pavel Snajdr.

8 June 2019, Foyer of the Pasaz Theatre, Trebic. Concentus Moraviae. Lukas Sommer: Coffee with Ennio M. (world premiere). Karel Kosarek--piano, Petr Valasek--bass clarinet, Oleg Sokolov--vibraphone, Epoque Quartet.

9 June 2019, St. Wenceslas Cathedral, Olomouc. Forfest Czech Republic. Josef Adamik: Sinfonietta (world premiere). Brno Contemporary Orchestra, conductor: Pavel Snajdr.

13 June 2019, Church of St Lawrence, Prague. Konvergence. Jin Lukes: O spanku, Rem-Nrem (world premiere). Matej Vlk--violin, Ondrej Stochl--viola, Sebastian Toth--violoncello, Jin Lukes--accordion.

15 June 2019, Oper Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany. Bedrich Smetana: The Bartered Bride (premiere). Directed by: Christian von Gotz, music director: Christoph Gedschold. Following performances: 23 and 30 Jun, 25 Aug, 1 and 28 Sep, 6 Oct, and 16 Nov 2019.

by Barbora Vackova
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