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CZ 557 short action.

I've always been a fan of the .243 Win., so when the new CZ 557 Short Action became available, I think I was first in line. This new short-action version of the 557 could just be the workhorse of the American hunter--currently chambered as it is for .243 or .308 Win.

The stock is Turkish walnut, profiled in the now-in-vogue Classic design without a cheek piece or high comb to mar its lines. There are no exotic ebony tips, although I do think one should have been installed as a pistol grip cap. Like many guns, it comes to a sharp angle on the bottom, something that's easy to chip in the prone position.

The checking pattern is ultramodern with four panels on both the fore-end and pistol grip embellished with circular ribbons to add that custom touch to this rifle. A fine line circles the patterns, and even under intense scrutiny, I could find only a few places where the checkering machine overran its borders. The checkering is fine enough to look custom yet is purely functional in the field.

The fore-end tip is nicely rounded, and it tapers just enough to allow the non-shooting hand to hold the rifle easily. The pistol grip has a bit of a swell on both sides for shooter comfort.

An oil finish brings out the grain and color of the stock, and my sample exhibited light and dark stripes. In all the CZ rifles I've handled in the past, I have never seen a bad piece of wood. While all may not have ultra-premium wood, owing to their reasonable price point, if you shop around you can find a handsome stock. The recoil pad is rubber.

With the scope attached in CZ rings, the gun, sans ammo, came to eight pounds on the nose--a weight I find a nice compromise for the .308 Win. and perfect for the .243 Win.

The barrel is a curt 20 inches, maybe a mite short for the .308, but, again, certainly acceptable for the .243. The satin-blued barrel is cold hammer forged and factory-lapped, and it tapers to .610 inch at the muzzle. There are no sights, but the gun has integral 19mm dovetail machined mounts on the receiver. This in turn accepts CZ steel mounts with a witness mark on one side for proper mating on the gun, and I mounted a new Meopta 3-9x40mm scope for testing.

The receiver is machined from a solid billet, not a casting, and features the same satin blue finish as the barrel. There is one gas escape vent under the front receiver bridge. As I mentioned, the 557 uses a push-feed action and not the usual-for-CZ Mauser controlled-round feed. The bolt has a diameter of .720 inch and secures within the breech via twin locking lugs up front. The bolt face sports the customary extractor and plunger ejector. Overall, the action is smooth, but it could really be improved by a little more polishing and a redesign that allows the bolt to work without touching the magazine follower in the process.

The bolt is removed by pushing down on a small blade-type lever within the receiver and under the rear bridge. If you had a Remington XP-100 handgun, you can visualize what I mean. It's a bit ungainly to operate; the tip of a screwdriver is the best tool for the job.

The safety is two position, and while the gun is on Safe, you can work the bolt to insert or remove rounds. The bolt handle has a slight rake to the rear, and the bolt knob is smooth. At the end of the bolt body, the shroud is cleanly designed with a noticeable cocking indicator when the gun is ready to fire.

The gun comes with a metal detachable magazine holding four rounds, and it's released from the gun via a lever within the confines of the trigger guard. For those who love to tinker with a new gun, the trigger is adjustable, and from the factory: mine broke at a very clean 3.5 pounds with no creep and a touch of overtravel.

As you can see in the accompanying table, the CZ Model 557 did not disappoint at the range, shooting well with light woodchuck hunting loads as well as heavier bullets meant for big game. I find the CZ Model 557 is a great rifle to have around hunting season--whether you're looking for a walking varminter or a deer/pronghorn rifle. It has a good balance, short and handy in the field, and delivers the goods at a really nice price tag.


CZ 557

TYPE              push-feed centerfire
                  bolt action

CALIBER           .243 (tested), .308

CAPACITY          4+1

BARREL            20 in.


WEIGHT            7.4 lb.

STOCK             oil-finished Turkish walnut

FINISH            satin blue

TRIGGER           adjustable, 3.5 lb. pull (measured)

SIGHTS            none; integral mounts

PRICE:            $792



                       Bullet    Muzzle    Standard    Avg.
                       Weight   Velocity   Deviation   Group
.243 Win.              (gr.)     (fps)       (fps)     (in.)

WINCHESTER               55      3,615        45       0.75
HORNADY                  75      3,431        26       1.00
REMINGTON ACCUTIP        95      2,817        24       1.25

Notes: Accuracy results are averages of three three-shot
groups at 100 yards from a sandbag rest. Velocities are
averages of five shots recorded on an Oehler Model 35P
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