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Legato Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: LGTO), Mountain View, Calif., a worldwide leader in enterprise storage management, has announced that CyberGuard Corporation (OTC: CYBG) has embedded Legato's high availability software into its new line of appliance products. Legato's high availability software provides continuous firewall protection in CyberGuard's KnightSTAR, STARLord and FireSTAR products, shielding mission- critical data and network systems from security breaches by offering superior firewall protection.

"Businesses have zero tolerance for downtime when it comes to firewall protection. 24/7 operation is no longer an option, it is a requirement. By embedding Legato's high availability software in CyberGuard products, we are ensuring that our customers' businesses can meet today's 365/7/24 expectation," said Mike Wittig, chief technology officer for CyberGuard Corporation. "So Legato has been the perfect choice for us for our family of premium appliance firewalls"

CyberGuard offers a variety of network security products that shield data and network systems from security breaches with reliable firewall protection. Legato's high availability software embedded in CyberGuard's new line of appliance products ensures continuous availability of firewall services, keeping firewall applications available in the unlikely event that a firewall server fails. Legato's high availability software automatically restarts services on the same server or switches to a second server, effectively preventing downtime. With Legato's software, CyberGuard products proactively monitor firewall services and automatically reconnect if there is a failure.

"CyberGuard and Legato are addressing a key concern for businesses today, security for their network and infrastructure. Legato's high availability software embedded in CyberGuard's appliances deliver firewall solutions that meet various security requirements and provide businesses with the highest level of protection," commented George Symons, vice president of product development, Legato Systems, Inc. "Legato continues to partner with market leaders, such as CyberGuard, to meet a variety of application availability and data protection needs based on end-user requirements."

CyberGuard's line of firewall appliances consists of CyberGuard KnightSTAR, STARLord and FireSTAR, for high-, mid- and low-bandwidth users . In January, the company introduced KnightSTAR, CyberGuard's first premium appliance firewall--targeted to mid- to large-sized network customers. STARLord, released in September 2000, was developed to serve the unique security needs of the largest business environments, such as those at Internet service providers (ISPs), application service providers (ASPs), and large data centers and telecommunications providers. FireSTAR, released just last month, is a fully integrated, high-density, pre-staged and ready-to-operate firewall developed for the unique security needs of small- to mid-sized networks with T-1 or DSL connections.

About CyberGuard Corporation

CyberGuard Corporation is a leading international provider of enterprise security solutions to Fortune 1000 companies and governments worldwide. CyberGuard's award winning, industrial-strength firewall products and services protect the integrity of data and applications from unauthorized access. The company has world headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and branch offices worldwide. More information on CyberGuard Corporation can be found at

About Legato Systems

Legato Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: LGTO), is a worldwide leader in enterprise storage management and application availability. Helping companies leverage business-critical, corporate data assets, Legato's products and services enable information continuance, a seamless approach to the movement, management and protection of data throughout an enterprise. Founded in 1988, Legato serves Fortune 1000 companies and has become the recognized industry standard for storage management software products, currently shipping to 30 of the 50 Fortune "e-50" top businesses. Legato's products are available through a network of Legato licensed resellers, integrators, OEM partners and directly from Legato. Legato is a founding member of the Storage Networking Industry Association.

For more information, visit or call 801/437-8148.
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Date:Jan 1, 2001

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