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 MERIDEN, Conn., Nov. 18 ~PRNewswire~ -- CUNO Incorporated, an international manufacturer and marketer of fluid and air purification systems, today announced plans to consolidate and relocate its Water Factory Systems (WFS) unit with other water filtration operations based in Connecticut.
 Water Factory Systems, headquartered currently in Irvine, Calif., is recognized as a technological leader in both home and commercial~industrial reverse osmosis (RO) equipment. Founded in 1970 as a retail operation marketing reverse osmosis and other water treatment equipment in Orange County California, the company today manufactures the Water Factory Systems brand of equipment in the range of 5 to 12,000 gallons per day, and ships its products to markets throughout the world.
 In December of 1988 Water Factory Systems was acquired by Commercial Intertech Corp. (NYSE: TEC), parent of CUNO Incorporated, to add reverse osmosis engineering and manufacturing expertise and capability to CUNO's line of water filtration products.
 At its operations in Connecticut, CUNO manufactures a wide range of water filtration systems, including the Aqua-Pure(R) brand, for drinking water and food service operations.
 During the next 6 to 9 months, CUNO's water filtration operations and WFS will be consolidated at a new 120,000 square feet manufacturing and distribution center in Enfield, Conn., which CUNO purchased earlier this year.
 Jack and Robert Slovak and Guy Weber, co-founders and former owners of WFS, and a number of key employees will remain with CUNO. Jack Slovak will become vice president of Water Product Engineering, Robert Slovak will also become a vice president in the engineering department, and Guy Weber will continue as director, international sales and marketing of RO Products. Some WFS employees will relocate to Connecticut while others will remain in the California WFS sales office and retail outlet. Employees affected by the ultimate closure of the California manufacturing operation will be offered various forms of assistance, including out-placement and career counseling.
 Commenting on the consolidation, Thomas N. Bird, CUNO president, said "demand for high purity water is increasing rapidly throughout the world. Although the most recognized use of reverse osmosis is the purification of water for drinking, many industrial processes such as car washers and printing operations, require high purity water. Our current and future customers will benefit from the synergistic effects of combining the recognized design strengths of WFS with the media strengths offered via CUNO. Bringing the engineering talents of both organizations to one location and combining respective manufacturing systems and capabilities assures the continuation of our successful efforts to bring cost-effective solutions to the water filtration marketplace, thereby enhancing our position as a major competitor in the industry.
 "This action is but one of many initiatives to expand our leadership role in the development of advanced fluid purification systems. New facilities in France, Japan and Singapore further our global presence. New drinking water products for residential and food service customers have recently been introduced, along with a steady stream of new products in general filtration, micro- and ultra-filtration that are being introduced to address expanding needs and requirements of customers in a number of industries such as bio-pharmaceuticals, electronics, food and beverage, and laboratory and diagnostics."
 CUNO Incorporated, founded in 1912, is a leader in the development of fluid purification systems serving major markets throughout the world. The company employs almost 1,200 individuals in 10 plants and facilities located in eight countries. Worldwide sales for 1991 were $131.2 million.
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 ~CONTACT: Bruce C. Wheatley or James C. Cartwright of Commercial Intertech Corp., 216-746-8011~

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Date:Nov 18, 1992

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