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CTA project would open EC markets to producers.

Hong Kong coffee supplier

sets up retail chain

Tsit Wing Coffee Company establishing a chain of coffee retail outlets to meet the growing demand for good quality coffee in Hong Kong.

The outlets, TW Coffee Chateau, will sell a range of gourmet coffees, as well as offer a homey atmosphere where customers can relax and enjoy their brew.

CTA project would open

EC markets to producers

If the buyer doesn't come to you, go to the buyer," This is the slogan now at Coffee Trading Agency in Antwerp, Belgium. "We've begun developing this theme because Europe is changing so fast and the international coffee business is changing even faster," explains Christian Meeus, managing director of the company.

CTA's aim is to attract a limited and selected number of major coffee exporters to open their own office in Europe on something of a space-share/ service-share basis with the Coffee Trading Agency office location and staff. "We are calling this the 'Eurobean Connection,'" says Meeus. "This may sound cute, but it means business."

According to Meeus, in availing themselves of this service, exporters can place their own contact person directly at the heart of Europe and with the assured assistance of CTA's professional, long-experienced coffee sellers. This office presence can give the exporters a much closer and more professional contact and service backup than is possible to maintain from origin or by long distance telephone and fax only. Very important too is that the exporter could be active during the full European working hours.

"By locating a contact person and their office service at CTA," affirms Meeus, "The exporter will avoid the hassle of finding office space and qualified personnel. The offer would also give the exporter full access to our complete range of existing market contacts and communications.

"Also, we speak Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, Dutch, and some German. This can help bridge the language barrier that might daunt some exporters."

Most specifically in support of their project, Meeus referred to his company's well established presence in Central America and to its understanding of both the producer's and consumer's coffee mentality.

"Take Honduras, for example," says Meeus. "Five years ago we had no presence there at all. Today we represent a very good share of the market. This is surely due to the way we maintain contacts and service. We would offer this same kind of mentality to those exporters who would choose to send someone to open a European office with us in Antwerp.

As for the costs and terms of the Eurobean Connection, Meeus accerts "it depends on the extent of services exporters/cooperatives might see as necessary in establishing a direct European presence. Cost can only be cheaper than doing it alone since a lot is already established and several costs would be shared."

"For now," says Meeus, "We are marketing the Eurobean Connection idea as one that's exactly right for our times. We want to help bring coffee sellers to the very heart of European coffee buyers. Here in Antwerp we are only 30 minutes by car from Brussels, the capital of the EC. Antwerp is also one of the main coffee ports of Europe and Rotterdam, another key port, is only an hour away. So, we say, we have the space, the lines of communication, a great location, a staff on duty throughout the European coffee business day . . . we're waiting to hear from interested parties."

Coffee mill in Kenya

increases production

The Kenyan Planter's Cooperative Union mill, Kenya's leading coffee mill, has secured extra funds from the government and is increasing production, according to a report in The Journal of Commerce.

In February, the mill was operating on only one 8-hour shift, but according to union officials, the mill is now operating two shifts, and hopes to increase to three shifts if farmer deliveries continue to rise.

Coffee Association of Canada

holds annual conference

The Coffee Association of Canada held its 2nd Annual Conference in Toronto on June 7 and 8. Attendance increased substantially from the association's 1992 meeting, with some 120 people in attendance. Representatives from large and smaller roasters, green coffee importers, and companies allied with the industry, gathered over the two day period to discuss changes in the coffee industry.

The theme of the Conference was "Changes are Brewing." It became apparent that the key change brewing is a growing emphasis on quality products. As was illustrated by the special guest speakers at the conference, this emphasis not only applies to coffee products, but to all consumer items.

Hugo Powell, president of Labatt Breweries of Ontario, was the Association's keynote speaker. Powell emphasized the need to create real and substantial differences between our companies products and those of their competitors.

The speakers on the second day of the conference included Simon Curwen of Nielsen Marketing Research, Paul Gallant of Eight O'Clock Coffee, Peter von Gimborn of Probat Inc. and Peter le Comte of DDB Needham Worldwide Marketing.
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Title Annotation:International Report; Coffee Trading Agency launches European Community marketing project
Author:Wilkes, D.
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Date:Jul 1, 1993
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