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CTA Ships its First Direct Broadcast Satellite To David Florida Laboratories for Environmental Testing

ROCKVILLE, Md., Feb. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- CTA Space and Telecommunications (CTAST) today marks another major milestone by shipping its fist Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) communications satellite, INDOSTAR-l(TM) to Canada's David Florida Laboratories (DFL) for environmental testing. Currently scheduled for launch in July 1997, this 3-axis stabilized STAR class satellite is CTAST's offering for the lightweight GEO satellite market. INDOSTAR-1(TM) is being built for PT MediaCitra Indostar (MCI) of Jakart Indonesia to provide high power S-band direct-to-home INDOVISION digital television programming. The satellite will provide 40 channels of television programming to the Republic of Indonesia's 14,000 islands. INDOSTAR-1(TM) is the first to use S-band for a direct-to-home digital television mission, providing excellent quality service to small antennas (70 cm.) in a region of heavy rain. Similar performance is not economically practical with other Ku- and C-band DBS systems.

At DFL, Spar Aerospace and CTAST will perform final integration and alignment of the direct broadcast antennas, install and test the solar arrays, dynamically balance the spacecraft and subject it to RF, thermal, vacuum, vibration, shock and acoustic tests which simulate the environmental conditions the satellite will encounter during launch and in-orbit. From DFL, INDOSTAR-1(TM) will be transported to Kourou, French Guiana for launch by Arianespace aboard an Ariane 4 launch vehicle.

CTAST is delivering the INDOSTAR-1(TM) spacecraft as part of its turnkey contract with PT MediaCitra Indostar. CTAST is responsible for providing the total INDOVISION satellite television broadcast system which includes: end-to- end system engineering responsibility for the complete DBS system; the Telemetry, Tracking, Control and Monitoring earth station, the Broadcast Operations Center; the Ariane-4 launch; the design and engineering management of the production of the Integrated Receiver Decoder (IRD); the Subscriber Management System; the Conditional Access security system; complete program risk management; Operations and Maintenance and all regulatory coordination (international and domestic). The INDOVISION system is scheduled to provide direct-to-home digital television to Indonesia in 1997.

CTA Space and Telecommunications Company is a subsidiary of CTA INCORPORATED, a company of more than 1,200 employees and 1996 revenue of $180 million. CTA Space and Telecommunications Company is a world leader in manufacturing small satellite systems. CTAST has built and launched 27 lightsats, and currently has seven more in production or test with imaging, telecommunications and research payloads. The company provides space system design, hardware, software, test, and flight operations support to Goddard Space Flight Center's Small Explorer Program, Space Shuttle Small Payloads Project, and Spartan Shuttle Missions. CTA also builds satellite command and control ground systems, meteorological satellite data ingest systems, airborne and air-dropped remote sensor systems, and communications systems.

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Date:Feb 10, 1997
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