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CSTV launches 100 broadband sports channels.


Beginning this fall, CSTV Networks Inc., a division of CBS Corp., is offering live college sports broadcasting over 100 new broadband Internet channels. Each broadband channel provides coverage of live events, including audio, video and data feeds of news conferences, news features and archived games, according to CSTV officials. The channels also offer ticket purchasing and sports memorabilia merchandising.

"Exclusive Internet content has become a vital element as we segue from a mass media to a personalized media world," says Brian Bedol, CSTV's president and CEO.

"Oftentimes the only way passionate communities of college sports fans can stay connected and catch every play of every game is through original broadband content," he says. "We realize the best way to deliver this content is by establishing the most extensive network of broadband channels, and CSTV has made it possible for every university to have its own broadband channel."

Consumers can subscribe to the broadband channels through or The individual broadband channels are named for each school, such as "Fighting Irish All-Access" and are designed to give each school its own look and feel.

"Our fans and subscribers will be able to enjoy multimedia content on like never before. The look, feel and quality of the presentations are exactly in line with how we present USC content--unique, dynamic and in a first class way," says Jose Eskenazi, the associate athletic director at the University of Southern California.

Adds Bedol, "We are going to broadcast 10,000 live events online during the coming year, and we felt it was important to make the experience the best it can be for our business partners as well as our shared consumers."
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Date:Oct 5, 2006
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