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CSM completes acquisition of Glucona. (Company Evolution).

CSM nv, a Dutch multinational, active in the production and sales of food ingredients and confectionery have completed the acquisition of the gluconic acid derivatives business of the AVEBE subsidiary, Glucona.

The acquisition concerns Glucona's activities in high quality gluconic acid derivatives which will be merged with the CSM Biochemicals division, which operates under the name of PURAC. The acquisition covers the vast majority of Glucona's operations. It does not include the acquisition of specialty starches (excipients).

Glucona have a strong market position in gluconic acid derivatives and have production facilities in Ter Apelkanaal (the Netherlands) and Janesville (Wisconsin, USA). PURAC are the world market leader in lactic acid and lactates with production sites in Gorinchem (the Netherlands), Montmelo (Spain), Blair (Nebraska, USA) and Campos (Brazil).

The Glucona Business represents an important addition to PURAC's portfolio. Like lactic acid, gluconic acid is an organic acid produced by fermentation. PURAC lactic acid and lactates are applied in, amongst others, the food and pharmaceutical industries as a food preservative, mineral enricher, flavouring agent or pH regulator. The gluconic acid derivaties are mainly used for calcium and mineral enrichment in food and pharmaceutical products.

The glucona acquisition fits with CSM's strategy of expanding its activities worldwide in the food and pharmaceutical markets. The integration of the gluconic acid derivative activities within PURAC will also create synergy opportunities. The acquisition will enable PURAC to offer a more complete product range to new and existing customers. PURA anticipates that the acquisition will strengthen its market position in the food and pharmaceutical markets.

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Date:Jan 1, 2003
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