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CSI greater China 500 index to hit the road on Jan. 18.

Taipei, Jan. 4, 2010 (CENS)--In a major step for forming an integrated greater China securities market, China Securities Index Co., Ltd. (CSI), will launch greater China 500 index on Jan. 18, covering large-cap stocks in the markets of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

The index, the first of its kind ever, will become a major reference for global institutional investors in investing in the greater China market, paving the way for the development of cross-Taiwan Strait capital market.

CSI pointed out that the index will be able to highly reflect the overall performance of the greater China market, as it covers 75% of the market value of the region and 53% of trading volume. It consists of 500 constituent stocks, all large-cap ones with high liquidity, including 300 Chinese stocks, 100 Hong Kong stocks, and 100 Taiwanese stocks, majority of the latter being tech stocks.

CSI has been referred as the Chinese version of MSCI (Morgan Stanley Capital International), the world's leading securities index compiler, and CSI indices have become an increasingly important reference for global investors, along with the rapid expansion of the Chinese economy and securities market.

The index will hit the road on the eve of the memorandum of understanding for cross-Strait cooperation in financial supervision taking effect on Jan. 16. It can also serve as the basis for the development of related index products and derivatives.

The index echoes the active promotion of the cooperation among greater China markets by Chi Schive, chairman of Taiwan Stock Exchange, who has been pushing the compilation of cross-Strait ETF (exchange traded fund) index and the mutual listing of ETF, as well as the establishment of a common trading platform for 30-50 stocks from each market.
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Date:Jan 4, 2010
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