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CSI's Health Stations get additional features. (Technology).

SPARKS, Nev. -- Computerized Screening Inc. (CSI), manufacturer and marketer of the Health Station systems that are expected to he used in more than 4,000 community pharmacies nationwide in the coming months, has enhanced the systems to allow patients using them to record and store their test results.

Called Personal Medical Record (PMR), the new innovation allows Health Station users to record, store and access test results from the stations' screening features, including blood pressure tests, heart rate tests, and weight and body mass index assessments.

Users, who are given an access card with an identification number for secure access to their records, can update personal information and use CSI features from any health station or through the Internet, executives say.

In addition, they note, users can grant on-line access to health care professionals who they want to see or monitor their test results.

Executives stress that the structure of the system's database complies with HIPAA privacy and security standards and can handle millions of transactions a year.

"CSI's PMR enables individuals to manage their own personal health information, perform valuable screening tests and provide their physicians and other caregivers with information, all without stepping into the clinical setting," CSI president and founder Charles Bluth comments. "The PMR is a critical step toward achieving CSI's vision of providing free public access to accurate health screening tools that empower individuals to proactively manage their health."

He says the PMR system will eventually allow physicians, pharmacists and other health care providers to record pertinent health and medical information in a person's file.

Bluth says CSI has commitments from a variety of retailers that will lead to more than 4,000 health stations being placed in discount stores, supermarkets and drug stores around the country. He says he hopes to have the stations in as many as 10,000 stores in a few years.

Among the retailers that will begin putting the systems in their stores are Safeway Inc., Publix Super Markets Inc., Kerr Drug, Longs Drug Stores and Meijer Inc.

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Publication:Chain Drug Review
Date:Nov 25, 2002
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