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CSA Group Acquires CTS Taiwan.


28 January 2015 - Canada-based standards development, testing, and certification services provider CSA Group has expanded its market presences in Taiwan by acquiring the business of local testing and inspection organisation CTS Taiwan, the organisation said.

Through the acquisition, CSA Group said it will bring Taiwan manufacturers stronger industry insights and more local expertise in the field of ITE/AV, hazardous location, plumbing, appliances and gas, lighting, wiring device and wiring cable testing and certification services.

CTS Taiwan has a 23-year partnership with CSA Group beginning in 1993.

On behalf of CSA Group, CTS Taiwan has provided a broad spectrum of services to local manufacturers for nearly two decades including: CSA C/US, IEC-CB Certification, and QMI-SAI ISO 9001 Registration service.

Hundreds of local Taiwan factories, particularly in the central and south of Taiwan will benefit from this acquisition with better access to the top-ranking testing facilities in CSA Group Taiwan labs, stronger customer support from CSA Group's local and global network of expertise and broader one-stop portfolio offerings, CSA said.

CSA Group has established solid customer relations with Taiwan local enterprises since its first lab opened in Xinzhuang, New Taipei City in 2012.

The group, which is known as the Canadian Standards Association, is an independent, not-for-profit member-based association focused on advancing safety, sustainability and social good. We are an internationally accredited standards development and testing and certification organisation.

CSA also provides consumer product evaluation and education and training services.

Country: China

Sector: Business and Consumer Services

Target: CTS Taiwan

Buyer: CSA Group

Deal size in USD:

Type: Corporate acquisition

Financing: Cash

Status: Closed

Buyer advisor: , ,

Comment: Terms not disclosed

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Date:Jan 28, 2015
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