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CRUSHED TWICE; Sales rep is rammed by car Onlookers tell driver to reverse But rep hit AGAIN and killed.


A SALESMAN was killed yesterday after being crushed TWICE against his car by a motorist.

Passers-by screamed as a Renault people carrier ploughed into the 53- year-old man while he was retrieving interior design samples from his BMW car.

People at the scene in Giffnock, Glasgow, yelled at the 54-year-old disabled driver to reverse the Renault to free the injured man.

But incredibly, witnesses say that in his panic he became confused and again rammed the heavy vehicle into the victim.

Cafe owner Anna Valentini, 35, said: "It was the most horrific thing to witness.

"The sales rep had just gone into his boot, looking for samples, when I saw the silver car shoot forward.

"Everyone gathered round to help and they were screaming at the driver to get it back off him. Some were even trying to push the car back with their hands. But the driver must have done the wrong thing because the car leapt forward again and trapped him once more.

"When they finally got the car back, the poor man was released and he just fell on to the road."

Three doctors and a nurse from the Giffnock Medical Centre on the A77 Fenwick Road rushed to his aid.

The nurse carried out desperate heart massage techniques to try to resuscitate the man.

But though the ambulance was quickly on the scene, the salesman died soon after arriving at Victoria Infirmary two miles away.

Travel agency boss Laura Wright said she called for the ambulance after hearing the man's screams coming from outside.

Laura, 35, said: "It was a horrific thing to hear.

"The man received almost instant medical attention as the nurse and doctors were on the scene within minutes."

A number of local rabbis were quickly on the scene too, offering assistance.

Giffnock is home to the biggest Jewish population in Scotland.

It is understood the driver and his family are visitors to Scotland.

The Renault Espace was new and had a Portsmouth registration.

Two hours after the accident, which happened around 11.30am, the Renault driver was being comforted by one of the rabbis in the back of a police car.

The man was rocking back and forth in severe distress. He was said to be uninjured.

Staff at the Linda Reid furnishing store, who witnessed the incident, were sent home by the manageress.

Last night, police said a report would be sent to the fiscal.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
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Date:Aug 2, 2003
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