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CRUCIFIED; Greek PM 'like a beaten dog' after he accepts harsh austerity measures in exchange for [euro]86bn EU bailout.


GREEK leader Alexis Tsipras was "crucified" by EU chiefs as he agreed to a humiliating bailout deal to save his country from bankruptcy.

The once swaggering Prime Minister was likened to a "beaten dog" following his 17-hour marathon of gruelling negotiations with eurozone leaders in Brussels.

One senior eurozone official said: "They crucified Tsipras in there."

Greece was forced to accept further austerity and to give up sovereignty over much of its financial affairs in return for a [euro]86billion rescue package, leading to the mass retweeting of the hashtag #thisisacoup.

EU President Donald Tusk declared the "Agreekment" just before 8am yesterday.

Greece's Reform Minister George Katrougalos said: "Clearly the Europe of austerity has won."

But the crisis is not over yet as Mr Tsipras may struggle to get the draconian measures through the Greek Parliament tomorrow.

Critics in his left-wing Syriza Party were already describing the mammoth deal as the "destruction of national sovereignty."

Mr Tsipras said the deal was "difficult" but it had kept Greece in the single currency.

He added: "We averted the plan for a financial strangulation and for the collapse of the banking system.

"I have a feeling that Grexit is a thing of the past."


Greece will get [euro]86billion over the next three years in return for raising VAT, cutting pensions and further slashing of government spending.

Angela Merkel faced accusations the deal was similar to the austerity imposed by the Allies on Germany after the First World War which, many historians believe, helped to fuel support for the Nazis.

But she said: "I won't take part in historical comparisons, especially when I didn't make them."

She added that once the Greek Parliament had approved the deal she would recommend to the Bundestag a further bridging loan.

French President Francois Hollande was relieved after vowing tcirg to do everything he could to keep Greece in the eurozone - risking a split with Germany.

Britain may have to cough up because Brussels might use tB tcMwfii the European Financial Stabilisation Mechanism, which would require cash from all EU nations, including those not in the eurozone.

Greek banks will stay shut until at least Wednesday, but another pressing problem is shortages of affordable medication for diabetes, cholesterol and heart, kidney and blood diseases.

Chemist Gerasimos Tousmanof said panic-buying by those with money has meant poorer people could die due to a lack of drugs.

He added: "We have reached a very critical stage and, if it doesn't improve, it could leave most of my clients fighting to survive."

He added: "Even with the new bailout, there is a very hard road in front of us. We will have to pay more taxes, we will have less money."

The deal is difficult but I have a feeling Grexit is a thing of the past ALEX TSIPRAS prime minister of greece


FEARS Pharmacist Gerasimos in Athens

MARATHON SESSION Alexis Tsipras in Brussels yesterday

ACCUSED German Chancellor Angela Merkel

RELIEVED French President Francois Hollande

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Geographic Code:4EUGR
Date:Jul 14, 2015
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