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Crown Roll Leaf is the largest foil manufacturer in the United States. We have been in business for 48 years. Crown manufacturers standard hot stamping products, golds, silvers, metallic colors, pigments, special effects (multi-colored print patterns), as well as holographic images and diffraction gratings. All of our products are available both in the form of hot stamp film transfers and in the form of film laminates.


Crown Roll Leaf is a fully vertically integrated company in that all process include holographic originations, creation of new diffraction patterns are done within the confines of our facility, and all products are coated, metalized and converted in our 150,000 square foot facility. We have a holographic origination department and art department. We offer our customers design services and holographic production samples.

Crown's special effects and holographic and diffraction grating labels are over-printable, over-coatable and can be hot stamped, cold stamped or laminated. Currently, most label converters are buying a variety of diffraction grating foils offering them high-reflective patterns chosen to be seen regardless of the lighting in which their products will be displayed. Our products are used on person care items, food items, pharmaceutical items, security items and a variety of retail and commercial items that require product identification and visibility in retail store environments.


Crown's 2D and 3D products are made in our holographic facility from origination of artwork to the finished hologram. Their appeal is that they reflect multiple dimensions, which are hard to counterfeit and draw attention to the particular products that they are used on. Their limitation is they can be used effectively only in areas that are extremely well lighted. 2D and 3D products are generally used to add security and to deter counterfeit products. Currently, the most popular special effects used by our label markets are products that are very diffractive, both metalized and C-Thru that can be hot stamped, cold stamped or laminated but offer high visibility in all the environments in which these products are displayed.


Crown's diffraction levels are the brightest in the industry. We have originated and manufactured and have in our library more the 250 existing patterns. The current trends in the industry are to use cold stamp products rather than the previous methods of hot stamping. The advantage is that these products are stamped to create a scale of economy on in-line applications where stamping, printing and coating are done "in-line" on one piece of equipment.

Decorated personal care items have demonstrated successful returns on investments for manufacturers. Products using labels decorated with diffraction gratings will generate strong visual interest on retial shelves versus non-decorated lables. The competition for all products on store market shelves has increased dramatically, and those that are designed and decorated with diffraction grating patterns have received the most attention and demonstrated the most sales.

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Date:Mar 1, 2019
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