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CROW AWAY; Birdwoman, 61, flies town after being banned from feeding gulls.

Byline: By Brian McCartmey

A WOMAN who had an ASBO slapped on her for feeding gulls and crows is leaving town.

Yesterday, a court heard that retired teacher Jean Smith, 61, whose habit left neighbours' cars and washing soiled with bird droppings, had put her home on the market.

The development happened during an attempt to have the interim ASBO made permanent.

The court had heard residents' claims that, despite the ASBO being imposed three months ago, she still raked in public bins for scraps to feed birds.

The conditions of the order banned Smith, of Kirkbank Road, Burntisland, Fife, from feeding birds anywhere in the town.

She has not yet been charged with any breaches of her order.

Fife housing manager Alan Russell said every attempt had been made to avoid the need for an ASBO.

He added: "This is not about feeding birds. In general we are quite happy about that.

"It is the numbers and size of the birds and the noise and mess they make particularly in this location."

Smith has been attracting hundreds of birds to her garden for more than three years.

A joint statement from neighbours accused Smith of refusing to compromise.

They said that she broken every condition set by the court in December, despite her promise to abide by them.

It added: "We would like to make it perfectly clear that this is not about feeding small birds with crumbs in her garden.

"It is about regularly feeding scores of crows and seagulls at first light with refuse she has retrieved from public bins."

Their lawyer, Neil Macdonald, said he would be lodging video evidence to back up his case.

But the hearing was adjourned to March 29 because Robert McDonald, Smith's lawyer, had not seen the video.

Mr McDonald then revealed that the Smith home had been placed with an estate agent and for-sale adverts inserted in local papers.

He told the court: "Her house is on the open market for sale. It is her intention to leave Burntisland."

Smith, who works part-time as a nursery carer, refused to comment outside Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court.

Her husband Alan, 72, had claimed earlier that the neighbours had blown things out of proportion.

The former Rosyth Naval Base worker insisted: "It is a gross exaggeration of the facts."


FOWL PLAY: Smith raked bins for scraps' GEORGE McLUSKIE
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 10, 2006
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