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1 Christian Yelich succeeded Mike____as ESPY winner

4 Joe, Dom and Vince

9 A homer may________as many as four runs

10 A____-____double doesn't require a slide

11 "No Neck's" first name

12 Autograph

13 In play

15 Carlos____was manager in Toronto

17 Gil____was the AL's top rookie in 1951, helped the Yankees to five World Series titles

20 Syndergaard is a____named after a Mets pitcher

22 Dontrelle Willis was dubbed "The D-____"

24 Adam____was known as "Big Donkey"

25 Brooklyn was home of "Dem____"

26 Where the Cubs train

29 Bill Lee now calls this state home, even ran for office there

30 Look at closely

31 He managed both the Cubs and Brewers, now a coach in K.C.

32 A baseball card maker


1 The Triple-A Norfolk Tides were once known as the____Tides

2 The Tides are affiliated with this AL team

3 Bob Feller was still a ____when he broke in with the Indians

4 He and a much younger Pedro Martinez scuffled in 2003

5 Jim____was at short for both the Expos and Blue Jays

6 Bill Buckner or Fred Merkle

7 Harrison Ford is best known as____Jones, but he also played Branch Rickey

8 "____Joe" Charboneau was the ALs top rookie in 1980

14 Lay one down

16 Sore

18 The________was a 1989 Michael Keaton film set at Yankee Stadium

19 He was AL MVP while with the Angels in 1979

21 An AL or NL division

23 The "A" in ERA

24 He won World Series with both the Cubs (2016) and BoSox (2013), with 27 Down

25 Susan Sarandon recently played____Davis, but is better known for Bull Durham

27 See 24 Down

28 ____Kent was NL MVP in 2000

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Date:Jan 1, 2020
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