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CRM Will Benefit the Medical Device Industry by Allowing Businesses to Gain Competitive Advantage Through Enhanced Knowledge.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Customer Relationship Strategies in Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry - Role of CRM and Knowledge Management to their offering

"Customer Relationship Strategies in Medical Device Industry - Role of CRM and Knowledge Management" will be of particular value to business development, marketing and top-line corporate personnel in the medical device industry who are seeking to gain competitive advantage through enhanced knowledge and relationship strategies. This Strategy Review describes how medical device companies are using these strategies to better:

- identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

- identify partnership and collaborative agreements for new product development

- identify creation of profit from interaction with key opinion leaders and influencers

- realise increased collaboration with distributors to promote channel efficiencies

- create more highly trained, motivated and pro-active sales forces

- apply customer segmentation strategies to positively impact the bottom line and

- manage employee knowledge to drive innovation

A number of case studies in the Review highlight :

- how companies have used the results from information received through knowledge and customer relationship management strategies to achieve cost savings

- increased revenue generation by integrating customer relationship management with better customer segmentation

- the approach taken to achieve these end goals

Topics Covered


1.1) Current Technologies and Process Concepts

1.2) Assessing the Benefits of CRM in the Medical Technology Sector

2) Introduction

2.1) Customer Lifetime Value

2.2) Knowledge is power. The interplay between Knowledge Management (KM), Customer Knowledge Management (CKM), Customer Relationship Management (CKM) and Business Intelligence (BI)?


3) Implementing and Assessing CRM in the Medical Technology Sector

3.1) Implementing a CRM Strategy in the Medical Technology Sector

3.2) Determine Organisational Goals & Create Realistic Objectives

3.3) Identification of Budgetary Requirements

3.5) CRM Solution Vendor Selection

3.6) Types of CRM

3.7) Barriers to Implementing CRM

3.8) Case Study: Cardinal Healthcare

3.9) Case Study: KaVo Dental GmbH

3.10) Case Study: Lake Region Manufacturing, Inc

4) Knowledge and Relationship Management Solutions in the Medical Device Industry

4.1) CRM in Healthcare - Information About the Customer

4.2) Medical Devices and Rationale for CRM

4.3) CRM Applications in Small, Medium and Large Enterprises

4.4) CRM and Medical Devices & Instruments

Communicating product value

Persistent Scepticism Can Delay Implementation of CRM

4.5) CRM and Medical Equipment & Systems

4.6) CRM and Medical Supplies & Distribution.

4.7) CRM and Medical Diagnostic Systems

5) Corporate Culture and Relationship Management

5.1) Implementing Corporate Culture Change

5.2) Creativity and Corporate Culture

5.3) Difficulties in Changing Corporate Culture

5.4) Rapid Change Process in Corporate Culture

5.5) Corporate Culture Change and Philips Medical Systems (PMS)

5.6) CRM Implementation and Culture Change at B Braun Medical Ltd

6) Utilizing Customer input to achieve the End-Goal of Product/Service Innovation

6.1) Stimulating Creativity........Fostering Innovation

6.2) Strategies for Sustained Innovation

6.3) Characteristics of Innovative Companies and CRM Opinion Leaders as an Important Source of Novel Product and Service Concepts

6.4) Innovation in the orthopaedic industry

6.5) Creating Breakthrough Innovations Through Opinion Leaders and Centres of Excellence

6.6) Creative Clustering

7) Conclusions and Recommendations

7.1) First Mover no longer an advantage

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Dec 22, 2005
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