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CRITIC'S CHOICE; Love in the laundry room.

Bad Girls

ITV, 9.00pm

THERE can't be many more crushing feelings in the world than knowing that even your own mother won't come to visit you in jail on visitors' day.

And crushed is just exactly how young Denny Blood - the lesbian with the big heart - feels, after her mum failed to put in a show.

But the inmates don't let her suffer alone in her thoughts, and Yvonne (Linda Henry) tries to boost both her confidence and her mood.

Even hardened divorcee Karen Betts, the newly promoted senior officer played by Claire King, cuts streetwise Denny some slack by allowing her out for a visit to the hospital - when they realise that's where Jessie (Denise Black) has gone.

But - you've guessed it - the all-at-sea youngster is left feeling even worse when she finds that Jessie has already left the hospital.

Denny is determined that her feelings of abandonment and loss aren't made any worse, and is determined that she'll find Jessie.

Meanwhile, those incurable romantics the two Julies (Victoria Alcock and Kika Mirylees) arrange a moody dinner for two in the laundry room for Josh (Nathan Constance) and Crystal (Sharon Duncan- Brewster). Elsewhere in the prison, Jack Ellis's character Jim Fenner is digging a deeper hole for himself.

As if being in the slammer wasn't bad enough, he now seems hell-bent on self destruction, by crossing the fine line into the murky world of financial corruption.

He doesn't stop there. He goes on to tell the Governor (Roland Oliver) about his sexual history with Karen, in an attempt to undermine her reputation.

But his greed and hunger for power threaten to be his undoing when he gives Yvonne a tricky proposition.


Ch 5, 10.50pm

ERICA ROE did it and became a household name. People say it's better than sex, a great buzz and some are even prepared to go to jail for it.

So what is it? A deluxe aromatherapy massage? A religion? The latest designer drug?

No - it's streaking.

Some brave souls have made it their mission to break one of today's most powerful taboos - public nakedness. And it's not for the faint-hearted - if it's not in front of a crowd it's not a streak.

The craze started in 1974 with the famous `Twickenham Streaker' - though his manhood was protected by a policeman's helmet.

Soon mass streaks were a regular occurrence on American campuses.

Most recent in Scotland was the Ayr United streaker in the Scottish Cup semi against Rangers.

But why do they do it?

Streakers are exhibitionists, and televised sporting events with tens of thousands watching live and millions more at home are their idea of heaven.

It can also make a nobody a somebody - buxom Erica appeared in the Sun and one girl made pounds 10,000 from her streak.

For the Freedom To Be Yourself Party `non-sexual public nakedness' is a basic human right, although the police might not agree.

Ricki Lake

Ch 4, 4.55 pm

THIS week's dose of chat show melodrama includes Ricki Lake talking to pregnant teen law breakers who get a taste of jail.

Ricki will attempt to have a discussion (over the booing and jeering of the audience) with some American teenagers in a bid to keep them on the straight and narrow.

One youngster is pregnant, deals drugs and carries weapons. Another two girls, shoplift, steal cars, take drugs and are trying to get pregnant.

Ricki, thankfully, sends these teenage tearaways off to jail to get a taste of life behind bars.

Holiday On A Shoestring

BBC1, 7.00pm

FANCY a cruise up the Nile, a week in the playground of the Italian jet set or a chance to live as the `Monarch of the Glen'? If the answer is yes, then tune in to this week's Holiday On A Shoestring.

These international hotspots are just some of the destinations on the programme which shows us how to stretch our pounds.

Rugged wayfarer Kate Humble is used to donning her backpack and sleeping in a tent, but a week in a Scottish castle adds a touch of luxury that also turns out to be surprisingly affordable.

Muckrach Castle is about 30 miles from Inverness and can sleep up to 10 people in comfortable self-catering accommodation.

It will dispel the old myth that castles are cold and draughty - at Muckrach, even the floors are heated.

Nick Clark makes his first report from Lake Garda, the largest of the lakes in Northern Italy.

Travelling by coach keeps this trip well within Shoestring's pounds 500 budget and the scenery is priceless.

A cruise up the river Nile in Egypt on a budget?

Angela Rippon proves that anything is possible on a tour that takes in the highlights of Luxor and five of Egypt's ancient temples.
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