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CRIME DOESN'T PAY FOR A BIGGER COUNCIL HOUSE; Thief will move to 'small' home after outcry from public.


A MAN with more than 50 criminal convictions who claims to be homeless said he doesn't want a council house as it is too small and in a high crime area.

Kevin Power and his partner, a mum of three, were offered social housing from Limerick City and County Council.

But the pair rejected the property saying said it was too small and not practical for the family's needs.

However, following a flurry of publicity and social comment the family decided to accept the property.

But convicted thief Kevin is still not happy. He said: "The house itself is in a very anti-social area of Limerick - it is on Clare Street. I don't want to rear my kids in a place like that."

Kevin denied turning down the offer and said the council are continuing to fork out taxpayers' money for a hotel room. He added: "We haven't refused the house, but they're paying us for another two nights in a hotel.

"They are saying the house will be ready Friday. We haven't been shown the house. This is the original house."

When his 50-plus convictions were put to him by the Irish Mirror he said: "How did you get that information? If it is in the papers then what can I say?" When asked what he would say to victims of crime who may be unhappy a convicted criminal is being looked after he said: "I have moved on. Everyone deserves a good life."

When the Irish Mirror called his partner, she replied: "I'm not taking any calls."

But last week she was much more vocal, telling - Live95 Limerick radio: "Come next week, if they don't pay the B&B fees, I'm going to be in the town hall. Most people have their turkeys and hams and everything prepared for Christmas. I have nothing."


MOVING Kevin Power

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 23, 2017
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