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A PAMPERED cockerel called Joe Cocker is a real homebird - he likes nothing more than snuggling up with cats in front of a warm fire.

He is also a little vain and is always seeking out mirrors at owner Judi Hewitt's home in Rhyl.

Judi, a high-profile animal welfare campaigner, said Joe began coming inside the house when his brother Doogle died last year.

"We welcomed him into our home for a little more comfort, and he has insisted on integrating with the cats ever since," said Judi, who runs Wales Against Animal Cruelty (WAAC).

Joe's home comforts extend to his own living quarters: at night Joe sleeps on a fleecy blanket in a heated shed along with two disabled pigeons.

"He is the luckiest cockerel alive," admitted Judi.

"But we have to keep a fair bit of kitchen roll handy!" ? WAAC hit the streets of Denbigh last week to highlight the alleged cruelty of the modern egg sector.

Campaigners handed out 150 leaflets claiming that 40m male chicks are killed every year because they are the wrong sex to lay eggs. The protest was part of Viva's "Cracked Egg" campaign which also extols the virtues of a vegan diet.


Joe the cockerel spends hours in front of the mirror at Judi Hewitt's home - and likes nothing more than snuggling up with her four cats by the fire (inset)
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 19, 2011
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