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CRC funds WUSC Sri Lanka project.

With a $10.9 million allocation from the Canadian Red Cross, the World University Service of Canada will expand its vocational training program for tsunamiaffected women and youths in Sri Lanka. The program is designed to provide quality, employment-oriented vocational training, with priority being given to tsunami and conflict affected women, orphans, and disabled youth.

Training begins with instruction about gender awareness, nutrition, personal finances, health and safety, as well as the rights and responsibilities of workers. Students are then given training in trades where there is a demonstrated labour shortage in their community, such as: carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electronics, or engine repair. Afterwards, trainees receive hands-on experience with employers. Others may receive entrepreneurship training and are assisted to start their own businesses.
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Title Annotation:Canadian Red Cross Society, World University Service of Canada
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Date:Apr 24, 2006
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